CBS Offers Big Brother Players In Primetime As Fans Await Update On All-Stars Casting Reveal

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To say things are chaotic in the Big Brother fandom is a bit of an understatement. Fans are still reeling over some mystery drama involving Nicole Franzel and Derrick Levasseur, and pretty upset about the postponement of the casting reveal for Big Brother All-Stars that was supposed to happen on Wednesday, July 29. As fans wait for some sort of update from CBS in regards to when the reveal may happen, CBS has a consolation prize in primetime.

While Big Brother fans will not get a casting reveal for Big Brother All-Stars on Wednesday, they will get a rebroadcast of The Price Is Right Primetime Special: Big Brother Edition. This rebroadcast first aired in 2016, and featured host Julie Chen modeling the prizes and a special showcase for the Big Brother participants.

As for who all was featured, the cast included Frankie Grande (Season 16), Britney Godwin (Season 12, 14), James Huling (Season 17), Dr. Will Kirby (Season 2, 7), Janelle Pierzina (Season 6, 7, 14), Rachel Reilly (Season 12, 13), Da'Vonne Rogers (Season 17), Jeff Schroeder (Season 11,13), and Ian Terry (Season 14). There's also a special appearance by Zingbot, so this special was every bit as Big Brother as it was The Price Is Right.

It's better than nothing, though some Big Brother fans may feel it's a poor consolation prize when the original plan was for the cast reveal and interviews to happen on the live feeds. CBS pulled the title card that stated that would be happening a couple of days ago, and has not updated on when fans will learn who is a part of the season.

With the premiere a week away, there's a question of whether or not CBS is just planning to do the cast reveal of Big Brother All-Stars during the two-hour live premiere. It seems like a strong possibility at this point, though there's still time for a press release to detail who all will be competing before then. The biggest issue many fans have at the moment is that CBS did not even give an official announcement regarding the postponement of the casting reveal, leaving no one any other option than to speculate.

Current speculation is that the cast interviews and announcement were postponed because the casting was not locked in. Big Brother did say participants would need to pass tests for COVID-19 after a period of quarantine, so it could be that one of the houseguests was deemed ineligible due to that. As mentioned, CBS hasn't released anything one way or the other, so rumors and unconfirmed leaks are all we're left with.

The Price Is Right Primetime Special: Big Brother Edition airs on CBS Wednesday, August 29 at 9:00 p.m. ET. Continue to stick with CinemaBlend for all the latest happenings with the show, and more news in television and movies.

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