No New The 100 Episode This Week, Here's What's Next On Bardo And Sanctum

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The 100 was in the thick of its final season a couple of weeks ago thanks to the developments on Bardo, the bloody coup on Sanctum, and the lingering mystery of what happened to Bellamy Blake, but a break has meant fans haven’t gotten a new episode since July 15. The show is going another week without a new episode, and will finally return on August 5. While the bad news is that the wait continues, the good news is that we have some idea of what happens next.

The next new episode will be the ninth of the seventh and final season, called “A Little Sacrifice.” It will air on August 5 at 8 p.m. ET on The CW, and all signs point to an intense hour of television. In true The 100 style, neither the episode description nor the trailer for “A Little Sacrifice” gives a whole lot away on their own, but we can deduce some of what’s happening when we combine them. First, the episode description:

Sheidheda makes his move. Meanwhile, a Disciple goes rogue.

Well, kudos to The 100 for sharing an episode description that definitely prevents any hard spoilers from getting out! Sheidheda will evidently make his move on Sanctum, which can only be bad news for Indra and her allies. Some members of Wonkru were quick to switch their allegiance to the Dark Commander.

Indra is of course in grave danger for her treatment of Sheidheda and the little matter of attempting to leave him to be killed by the Faithful, and characters like Jackson, Madi, and Emori probably aren’t at their safest. In true Murphy style, he’s a bit of a wild card insofar as Sheidheda seems to like him and Murphy has been willing to make alliances with shady characters in exchange for safety for himself and Emori. Richard Harmon has said that he can’t believe how Murphy’s story ends on The 100!

Over on Bardo, a Disciple will evidently go rogue, and that could mean a whole lot of things. Levitt arguably already went rogue when he hooked up with Octavia, and I find myself wondering if Echo, Octavia, and Diyoza have been Disciples long enough for one of them to go “rogue” and have it matter all that much. Octavia and Diyoza at least are already showing cracks in their resolve, and Echo may or may not be full-on Team Bardo at this point.

The trailer for the next episode sheds some more light on what’s happening on Bardo when “A Little Sacrifice” hits the airwaves in August:

Judging by the trailer, it looks like Gabriel might be the one to go rogue! Although he’s seen sharing a meal with Bill Cadogan, who says that seeking answers that are finally within their grasp is worth “a little sacrifice,” Gabriel doesn’t look like he’s fully on Cadogan’s side. He’s been with the Disciples a lot longer than Octavia and Co., and the troubling shot of a bloodied and bound Levitt screaming means that he’s probably not the one who goes rogue unless that person is caught relatively quickly.

Based on the episode description and the trailer, I’m inclined to think that Gabriel “goes rogue” because he can no longer go along with the way Bill Cadogan runs things on Bardo, but preview material can be misleading. Still, I’m not sure Levitt has it in him to pull off any kind of elaborate plot, and I’m guessing he’s being used as leverage against Octavia. The only important Disciples at this point (if we’re not counting Echo, Octavia, and Diyoza) are really Cadogan, Anders, Levitt, and Gabriel at this point, so my money is on Gabriel. It would be a fun twist if Anders turned, however!

Find out who goes rogue and what Sheidheda has planned for Sanctum when “A Little Sacrifice” airs on Wednesday, August 5 at 8 p.m. ET. The end is nigh for The 100, but fans can always hold out hope that the spinoff prequel gets a series order. Showrunner Jason Rothenberg already has plans for how the prequel could include the ancestors of major The 100 characters, so the 100 universe could continue even if the long-running characters’ journeys are finally done, for better or worse.

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