Why The 100’s Richard Harmon Couldn’t Believe How Murphy’s Story Ends

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The 100’s Richard Harmon has shared his thoughts on how his time on the sci-fi favorite ends. It turns out that Harmon could not believe how Murphy’s story concludes. The last time viewers were in contact with Harmon’s character, Murphy was in a precarious position.

Murphy and Emori had to admit they were not Daniel and Kaylee Prime since both of them are actually dead. It would seem as though Murphy and Emori are both in extreme danger following the reveal. Does this mean that a not-so-happy-ending is in store for Richard Harmon’s Murphy? Well, The 100 actor was pretty jovial about things, so it's tough to tell.

During the TV Guide Magazine Fan Favorites panel at Comic-Con@Home 2020, Richard Harmon answered how he felt about where Murphy ends up in The 100’s final season. Fans will want to pay close attention because his answer is exciting. On why he could not believe how Murphy’s story ends, Harmon said:

I got what I wanted. I pitched it to them near the beginning of the season and I thought it was just a crazy idea that he wouldn’t listen to, and then the finale episode got written, and he was like, ‘Went with your thing.’ Couldn’t believe it. I was very excited, so I’m obviously very grateful that I got to go out kind of the way that I wanted to go out.

For whatever reason, Richard Harmon’s answer somewhat reminds me of Peter Dinklage’s regarding Game of Thrones. Without spoiling it, Dinklage revealed that he figured out how Tyrion’s story would end on the popular show. In Harmon’s case, he pitched Murphy’s ending storyline – and he got it. I wonder how close what Harmon came up with gelled with The 100’s initial ending for him.

Having followed a lot of television news over the years, I have to say that Richard Harmon’s story sticks out as an outlier. I am not sure how many actors have had a hand in crafting their character’s ultimate fate. It is unclear if Harmon’s idea is good or bad news for Murphy. The 100’s showrunner, Jason Rothenberg, has previously said that the show’s overall ending will be its “version” of a happy one.

So does that also apply to Murphy? Time will tell. I have to say that it is pretty cool that The 100 went with the ending that Richard Harmon pitched. The 100’s showrunner has a pretty cool history of wanting to fulfill promises to cast members, so I suppose it falls in that vein. Either way, it's no wonder Harmon is pleased with Murphy’s ending.

Richard Harmon revealed that he pitched it at the start of the final season, so that's plenty of time for Murphy’s fate to get foreshadowed. After the series finale airs, there might be some tell-tale signs that fans of The 100 may notice in that regard. For now though, Murphy’s ending remains a mystery that only time will unravel.

Check out more thoughts from the cast of The 100 and beyond during Comic-Con@Home 2020. New episodes of The 100 air Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW. This fall’s premieres will follow the sci-fi drama. You can currently stream past seasons of Richard Harmon’s Murphy in action on The 100 on Netflix, along with lots of content arriving in 2020.

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