The 100 Season 7: What Happened On Bardo And More Questions After Latest Episode

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Spoilers ahead for Episode 8 of The 100 Season 7, called "The Flock."

The 100 went back to business as usual this week after taking a break for a spinoff backdoor pilot, and "The Flock" delivered some twists worth pondering as the final season continues. Surprisingly, "The Flock" barely spent any time on Clarke following her reaction to Bellamy's "death," but instead spent the hour split between the crisis unfolding on Sanctum and some complicated twists on Bardo, where time has run faster for Team Skyring, a.k.a. Octavia, Diyoza, Echo, and Hope.

The game has officially been changed after this latest episode in some bloody and confusing ways, so let's dive into what fans are left wondering!

What Happened On Bardo?

Octavia and Co. agreed to become soldiers for the Disciples on Bardo to fight in the war to end all wars, and "The Flock" explained that what happened to the original inhabitants of Bardo. Octavia summed up what happened by saying that "the ten-foot aliens with superior technology that built this place got genocided and turned to stone by the enemy we're gonna fight." Still, there are more questions than answers about what happened on Bardo and how the Disciples are supposed to try and fight. What happened? Who is the enemy? How will hand-to-hand combat help?

Is Echo Really Brainwashed?

Of Team Skyring, only Echo really took to the conditioning of the Disciples at Bardo. By the end of the episode, she seemed to be firmly Team Disciple. When Anders gave her the honor of choosing Hope's punishment after Hope failed the final test, Echo didn't bat an eyelash before sentencing her friend to five years on Penance. Diyoza and Octavia, who also passed, reacted to Echo's decision, but Echo herself seemed unaffected. Is she really brainwashed, or is her assassin training allowing her to blend in?

How Will Hope Handle Five More Years?

Poor Hope had already spent 25 years of her life on Skyring, and now she's facing another five thanks to Echo. Orlando is an example of what can happen to a person after spending too much time alone on that planet, and Hope's mental state wasn't the best even before she was more or less sentenced to five years of solitary confinement. What will she be like when she returns? Time dilation makes it unlikely that she'll be rescued before her five years are up unless Octavia's tattoo plays a part sooner rather than later.

Is Octavia Really Falling For Levitt?

Octavia and Levitt went ahead and hooked up in "The Flock." Levitt has clearly been falling for her since he had her in his chair for the M-CAP, and Octavia clearly had a soft spot for him. Did she hook up with him because she's really falling for him? Or because she was lonely and he was a safe option? Or just so The 100 could give a panning shot of Octavia's back, marked with the tattoo of Hope's signature? Can he be trusted after trying to send Team Skyring to the surface?

What Is Sheidheda Planning?

Over on Sanctum in the palace hostage situation, Sheidheda finally made his move. He agreed to face Nikki's gun-toting group as well as Nelson's group and those of the faithful who were present in exchange for Indra's protection, but Indra betrayed him and left him to be murdered behind closed doors. Unfortunately, she underestimated Sheidheda, and he proceeded to murder everybody in the room with him without any trouble. He's now free and out of Indra's control, so what does he have in mind for Sanctum, and especially for those he counts as enemies?

Did Indra Lose Control Of Wonkru For Good?

The situation got worse when Murphy accidentally revealed to Wonkru that the man who they thought was Russell was really the Dark Commander, and some immediately fell to their knees and bowed before him. Sure, they were willing to follow Indra when there was no Heda to step up, but Sheidheda's appearance may mean that he has the loyalty of Wonkru. Did Indra lose control of them for good? What about the people she left behind to continue the search for Gaia and Co., who weren't present when Sheidheda was revealed?

Can Murphy And Emori Survive?

In the process of everything going from bad to worse on Sanctum, Murphy and Emori finally had to confess that they weren't actually Daniel Prime and Kaylee Prime, because the real Daniel and Kaylee were dead. The reveal of this charade could result in pretty much everybody having a bone to pick with them, and they don't have the allies to protect them. Sheidheda likes Murphy, but Emori hasn't endeared herself to the Dark Commander. Will one or both of them survive this latest twist?

Seriously, Where Is Bellamy?

I think the consensus among fans at this point is that Bellamy's seeming "death" earlier in Season 7 wasn't actually the end of The 100's male lead. When a major character seems to die without leaving a body behind and a portal to another planet open behind him, it's a pretty safe bet that he'll be back. But when, and where is he? He's not on Bardo, Sanctum, or Nakara, and I doubt he would be on Skyring without the Disciples realizing. My theory is still that he is with Gaia and both are stuck on the bridge, but The 100 still hasn't delivered answers.

Unfortunately, none of these questions will be answered any time too soon. The 100 is scheduled for reruns over the next two weeks, so viewers won't be able to do more than ponder and speculate for the foreseeable future. When the show does return with new episodes of the final season, they'll air on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

Although these episodes are airing as the final installments in the final season of the show, the 100 universe may continue beyond the end of The 100 if the Anaconda spinoff is picked up. Showrunner Jason Rothenberg already has big plans for the potential prequel show, although I'm concerned that it has already skipped the best part of The 100's apocalypse.

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