Star Trek: Lower Decks Exclusive Clip Gives First Look At Haley Joel Osment's New Lieutenant

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Star Trek: Lower Decks has only been on for three short weeks, but it's already garnered a lot of fans who love the animated show's sense of humor and totally new take on things that happen in the Trek universe. We've already been introduced to some pretty awesome characters, and seen some deep cut references to events in the franchise's past, and now we're going to be introduced to another new character with Haley Joel Osment's Lieutenant O'Connor in this week's episode. Luckily, we've got an exclusive clip to give fans a hint of what's to come.

Take a look at the clip from the August 27 episode, which shows a pivotal moment for Lieutenant O'Connor:

Oooooh, no! Tendi! Well, what can I say? At least the well-meaning ensign did immediately try to make things right, but, you know, I doubt that's going to work out too well (particularly in the short term). I have to admit, though, for someone who seemed so awed by what was happening when she walked into that room, Tendi sure did mess things up pretty spectacularly almost as soon as she got there.

In this sneak peak, Lieutenant O'Connor is attempting a spiritual ascension. As he says later in the clip, he worked on that gorgeous, colorful sand representation of his inner calm for a whole two years. I don't know about you, but if I work on anything for that long, no one is going to be able to mess it up just by falling and sliding through it. If this had been my pad, Tendi would have had to crash through tempered glass or something in order to destroy my creation. Oh, well, O'Connor. Lesson learned!

I was nervous as soon as Tendi got up to check out the gong in Lieutenant O'Connor's room. Not only did she leave what I'm guessing is some kind of sacred circle which probably shouldn't be abandoned unless there's an absolute emergency (as evidenced by the group murmurs once they realized that she'd moved), but instead of crossing behind the group, Tendi went in between everyone, passing right by the sand works. It's a minor miracle that she didn't fall all over it right then.

My guess is that Tendi will spend the bulk of the episode somehow trying to make amends to Lieutenant O'Connor, and maybe even earning the ire of her higher-up as Season 1 of Star Trek: Lower Decks goes on. It turns out that outraged Haley Joel Osment is actually a really fun Haley Joel Osment to listen to, so here's hoping that Lieutenant O'Connor gets super pissed about something at least once in every episode he appears in, spiritual ascension or no.

Star Trek: Lower Decks debuts new episodes every Thursday on CBS All Access, so be sure to check the full episode out tomorrow. For more on what you can watch in the coming weeks, be sure to check out our guide to fall TV!

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