The Noughts And Crosses Leads Discuss What They'd Like From Season 2

Masali Baduza as Sephy in Noughts And Crosses

Warning! The following contains spoilers regarding the Season 1 ending of Noughts + Crosses.

This is not your average forbidden love story (opens in new tab). Season 1 of Noughts + Crosses introduces us to Sephy (Masali Baduza) and Callum (Jack Rowan) who, divided by their race and class, must decide what they value most and how far they’re willing to go for love when their relationship is seen as a threat, and treated as such, from both sides. Will their relationship hold through Season 2?

Noughts + Crosses is captivating in every aspect. The writing is brilliant, the costumes and set design put you right in Aprica (the show’s version of Africa), and the actor’s performances truly blew me away. I became so invested in the lives of Sephy and Callum. Even in moments when they hurt each other, I rooted for them every step of the way.

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No word yet on Season 2, but I’m dying to know what comes next. I had the opportunity to sit down with the stars, Masali Baduza and Jack Rowan, and they shared where they’d like the story to go in the next season. Both are fans of the novels and hope the story sticks close to the material from which it was adapted.

Baduza said,

I hope that the story follows the book, because I think that the things that they go through, both of the characters… I don’t want to give away too much, but I think that it’s necessary for the characters to go through what they go through in order to grow within themselves.

Here’s where we get into spoilers, so if you’re still binging Season 1, come back when you’re done.

After a rough patch when Callum joins the Nought rebels and follows through with orders to capture Sephy, the bond between the two is strengthened with the reveal of Sephy’s pregnancy. They decide to run away together, despite what could happen to Callum if they are found, as the Crosses have police and military efforts out searching for Sephy. Will they get away successfully? Where will they go if they do? What if they don’t make it out of Aprica? We need Season 2 to find out!

Rowan echoed Baduza's sentiments about following the books, saying,

In our first series, you know obviously current times have sort of delayed everything happening. I'm sure we would’ve found out by now, in normal life, we would’ve found out about second series quite quickly. But our first series, the first season, doesn’t actually get to the end of the first book, and that’s what I want. If we get to go again and get to go further… those who know, know. Those who have read the book will know. We need to get that ending. Because it’s very important.

Ah, so the first season doesn’t cover the full story of the first book. I usually prefer to finish an adapted television series or movie first, and then go back and read the book series. This way, I can be surprised as I watch the story unfold and get more details filled in when I read later, instead of anticipate what’s ahead while I watch and occasionally getting upset when it deviates too far. But Jack Rowan has me sold on ordering these books.

We also discussed the game-changing moment for the lead characters. Rowan's choice was a moment that’s very subtle, yet holds great significance. Here’s what he said:

For me, the most powerful scene was right in the beginning, episode 1. It’s a moment where Sephy puts [an adhesive bandage] on Callum [‘s finger] and you realize how it’s something so small or miniscule, that he’s even isolated through that. And I think it’s a big moment for both characters because Callum sort of sees it as, ‘yeah this is normal for me’… but I think it’s a big moment for Sephy. I think it’s her first moment where she goes, ‘wow, I’ve never actually seen a [bandage] on a Nought skin this closely...there’s a lot in the unsaid in that moment. And I hope that people watching it can go, ‘man, I’ve never’ - just like I did when I read the book and I watched it - ‘damn, I’ve never thought about [bandages] that deeply. And perhaps there’s so many other things that can potentially alienate someone but you just wouldn’t think about it.

A band aid is such a small thing… we use them all the time on minor scrapes and think nothing of it. In Noughts + Crosses, the bandages are only manufactured in the Crosses skin tone, which calls more attention to them when used by Noughts.

Masali Baduza chose a more pointed moment, which is just as powerful.

I think for me the most powerful moment for Sephy was probably when she called Callum a blanker. I think that for her, that’s when her whole world changed. When she had to really do a lot of introspection and face herself, and face how she has benefited in this world, and where Callum has been not on the receiving end of that.

These two characters have been through a lot in a short amount of time. Their view of themselves in the eyes of society, each other, and within have grown leaps and bounds from episode 1 to episode 6.

We’re staying hopeful for Season 2 for Jack Rowan and Masali Baduza to continue Sephy and Callum’s journey. Keep it here at CinemaBlend for updates, and in the meantime check out these other Peacock Originals.

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