Battlestar Galactica’s Katee Sackhoff And More Share Support For Co-Star After Tragic Accident Earlier This Year

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Michael Hogan, a prolific actor known for the likes of Zoo, 12 Monkeys, The Man in the High Castle, Fargo, and probably most notably Battlestar Galactica, has now been revealed to be partially paralyzed following a slip and fall accident back in February left the actor paralyzed. Now his wife of 48 years, Susan Hogan, is asking for help following the tragic accident and Hogan’s Battlestar Galactica family, including Katee Sackhoff, have come out to support the actor while his family looks at fundraising.

According to a GoFundMe page set up for Sharon and Michael Hogan’s family, on February 17 the actor was in Vancouver for a Battlestar Galactica convention. He went to dinner and afterward accidentally fell and hit his head. Unfortunately, he didn’t seek medical attention and a massive brain bleed ensued. Hogan is now dealing with “paralysis on his left side, memory loss, cognitive impairment and an inability to swallow,” problems exacerbated by COVID and not being supported by his family-at-large.

His co-stars on Battlestar Galactica have known about the accident for months, but now that the tragic accident has become common knowledge, they are posting in support of their former co-star. In particular, Katee Sackhoff -- often a person who will fight for good causes -- shared a lovely throwback set photo of Starbuck and Saul Tigh before speaking of her own personal relationship with Michael Hogan. She noted:

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She wasn’t the only BSG castmember to post either, as a lot of people from Sam Witwer to Tricia Helfer also sought to help out Michael Hogan's family. Helfer also shared the COVID-19 challenges everyone has faced since Michael Hogan’s tragic accident, revealing everyone really wants to give physical support and just can’t right now.

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James Callis, who played Dr. Gaius Baltar, and Aaron Douglas, who played Chief, also reached out to lend support to Michael Hogan as he works through the consequences of the tragic accident. They both tied into the BSG fanbase when lending support.

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Bear McCreary, prolific composer for both the big and small screen, also shared knowing that Michael Hogan is a “journeyman actor” and in need of our support.

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Perhaps, however, Edward James Olmos struck the most Battlestar Galactica-oriented chord with fans when he touched on why now is the time to lend our support, channeling the quiet leadership of William Adama while doing so. He wrote on Twitter:

Time for the fleet to circle the wagons the XO and Sue really got hit hard and we have to show our love from around the world! Push out Trisha’s tweet I know the world hasn’t been able to work but if we all give what we can no one deserves this love more than the XO- So Say We All.

The GoFundMe post also included a specific message from Michael’s wife Sharon, who is still grieving the loss of the marriage and the partner that she knew and facing the day on her own now. She noted:

Just sitting at the coffee shop, where Michael and I would come every morning. We would sit at the same table every day. It came to be known as "our" table. No one else would sit there:) We would talk about our dreams, plans, places we wanted to travel to, things we wanted to do to the house. ... People would often stop and say, "What could you guys POSSIBLY have to talk about after all these years?" But we always did. We would be laughing our heads off about something, an audition gone bad? ... and he has me in stitches, tears rolling down my face."That was our relationship. We were part of each other. Two halves of a whole.Now I sit here alone. An empty chair across from me. My heart aching.And the tears are back. Not in laughter now though.In grief.Not shared with him.For him.For us.Missing him. So much.

The needs for Michael Hogan will be ongoing. To donate, head to the GoFundMe page.

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