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Simon Cowell's X Factor Pal Reveals Just How 'Serious' His Back Injury Is

Simon Cowell on America's Got Talent

It’s been over a month since Simon Cowell broke his back while trying out his new motor bike at his home. While Cowell was quick to speak out about the injury and poke fun at himself, the injury didn’t seem to be minimal. Shortly after the fall, the 60-year-old underwent surgery, which included him having fusions and a metal rod inserted into his back. Cowell is still recovering, and many are wondering just how serious the injury truly is. Sinitta, one of his X-Factor colleagues, has now provided an update on his medical status.

Sinitta explained that ex-flame Simon Cowell first feared that he was paralyzed following the “very, very scary” accident. Thankfully, it sounds like Cowell is making progress, though he still a ways to go:

He’s taken some steps, so he has reassured himself that he’s not paralysed. But he’s got to take his time and get well.

While speaking with Entertainment Daily, the singer explained that the situation was also scary for those closest to Simon Cowell, especially due to the complications that COVID-19 restrictions pose:

It was a serious accident. So for people who love him, like me, it was very, very scary. It was very scary to hear it happen and also him being so far away and because of lockdown not being able to jump on a plane and go and see him, it was very hard.

According to Sinitta, Cowell is currently “healing” though, being the “workaholic” that he is, his loved ones are doing their best to “keep him still.” She says that they just want to keep him “more focused on being well than entertaining the nation.” Needless to say, Simon Cowell appears more than eager to get back to work at America’s Got Talent.

With Simon Cowell out of commission, America’s Got Talent found some high-profile celebrities to serve as replacements. Singer and talk show host Kelly Clarkson was the first to sub in for Cowell before Kenan Thompson took over. Both stars ended up being well received as fill-in hosts on the show. Additionally, the show even paid tribute to the absent judge in a very weird way.

As of right now, it’s unclear as to when Simon Cowell will be back at the judge’s table on a regular basis. Heidi Klum said that he would be attending the finale, though he didn't end up making an appearance.

Although America’s Got Talent viewers are likely eager to have Simon Cowell back, his health and safety are definitely the most important factors at the moment. Given what a busy man he is, it’s not hard to imagine that this situation isn’t ideal for him but, with proper care, he should hopefully be back to the old grind in no time.

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