A Few Days Ahead Of America's Got Talent Live Shows, Simon Cowell Just Broke His Back

America’s Got Talent was scheduled to resume filming live episodes this coming Tuesday, but unfortunately, popular judge Simon Cowell is having some health problems. To put it more directly, he broke his back and had to have surgery on it last night. Now many fans are left wondering whether the show will go on, and if it does, whether Cowell will be at the taping.

Details are still a little fuzzy on what exactly happened, but according to People, Simon Cowell was playing around with his new electric bike inside the courtyard of the family’s Malibu home when he fell off and broke his back. He was taken to the hospital where doctors determined he needed to have surgery. That procedure was scheduled for last night, though neither he nor his rep has issued any kind of public comment about how it went. Hopefully that’s a good thing.

Let’s deal with the electric bike part of this first. Yes, electric bikes are a thing. According to the internet, they “amplify your pedaling power (opens in new tab)” by adding in a battery that allows you to go further and faster. They look pretty cool, and you can check them out here (opens in new tab). It's kind of a funny purchase from Cowell considering he doesn't even own a cell phone, but then again, he's also been very devoted to his fitness. He’s been open in the past about how much he enjoys biking, swimming and doing push-ups. It’s a good thing too. It takes work to pull off those tight solid-colored t-shirts he always wears at 60.

As for the taping of America’s Got Talent, there has not been any kind of update or cancellation announcement. The show is scheduled to air on the 11th, and given how much scheduling has already been upended on television because of COVID-related issues, you know producers don’t want to make any more alterations. That being said, Cowell is one of the show’s big draws, and it wouldn’t be the same without his curmudgeonly attitude. The show has made a lot of changes over the past few years, but he's been one of the few constants alongside longtime judge Howie Mandel. Hopefully the surgery wasn’t that severe and he’s able to sit in this week, even if it’s with some kind of specialty chair or with a brace on.

When not experimenting with his electric bike, Cowell has been spending quarantine with his longtime girlfriend Lauren Silverman, his 6-year-old son Eric and Silverman’s 14-year-old son Adam. He told People the family has been watching movies, reading books and just generally hanging out and having a good time together. In addition to his responsibilities on America’s Got Talent, hopefully this health setback won’t prevent him from being there as an active and present parent either.

Our thoughts go out to Cowell during this time. Hopefully surgery went well and he’ll be back on the mind and ready to roll in no time.

Mack Rawden
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