8 Weird Things About Cobra Kai We Just Accept

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Netflix's Cobra Kai has become a beloved show amongst many generations, and especially anyone who loved The Karate Kid movies. The series has brought back the eighties franchise in a big way, and there's no shortage of people that are so excited to see Johnny Lawrence and Daniel LaRusso in the modern day.

Cobra Kai is great, but just because it's great doesn't mean I have to sit there and just blatantly accept all it throws at me as fact. There are a lot of things about this universe that are weird, and would never happen in the real world. This is some good-natured mockery of that because I still love the show but have to point out some of the ridiculousness we've seen that we just have to pretend is normal and move on.

Cobra Kai Netflix

The Teens Pick Up Karate Way Quicker Than They Should

Anyone who has taken a karate class knows you don't become a badass blackbelt overnight. Despite that, the teens of Cobra Kai and Miyagi-Do pick up on the skills rather quickly, and by the time we're at Season 2, they're kicking all sorts of ass and pulling off high-level moves. With Daniel's daughter Sam, it's a little understandable because we knew Daniel trained her growing up, but with Robby, Miguel, Hawk, and others it's like they all became prodigies overnight. Becoming a black belt can take close to 3 years on average, and these guys did it training part-time in the course of a school year!

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The Landlord Giving Kreese Ownership Of The Gym

Cobra Kai Season 2 just tried to casually slide this plot point across the desk right at the end to the point it's just a quick throwaway line by John Kreese towards the end of Season 2. According to Kreese, the landlord gladly signed over ownership to Kreese because he didn't really like Johnny and his inability to make timely payments. If that's the case, why would he then sign the gym over to his assistant who was literally homeless before that? It just doesn't make a lot of sense, and I'd love to know if there's more to the story than what we heard in the future.

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People Beating The Hell Out Of Others In Public And No Cops Are Involved

Several times in Cobra Kai we saw some people just straight up get their ass whooped and that's the end of it. With the exception of Johnny getting arrested for beating up teens, we see a ton of times where fights go down in public and the police are not involved. Like, are teens just allowed to beat each other down in public with no repercussions? None of this stuff is making the news? I feel like this would be a major issue if teens were having large-scale kung-fu matches around town, but for some reason, it's just not.

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Cobra Kai And Miyagi Do's Performance In The Tournament

Can you imagine the distraught look on the other dojo master's faces when their students were completely eliminated from the tournament by three kids who had only begun training that year? Like, who the hell would want to join their gyms after seeing how far Johnny and Daniel's rookie pupils advanced in the tourney? In the real world, it would've been surprising if anyone in this program made it past the opening round given how little training they had, but no one bats an eyelash when two rookies are squaring off the in finals? There should be outrage, mainly from the parents who paid for their kids to go to the other schools.

Cobra Kai Netflix

Daniel's Overall Notoriety For Karate As An Adult

I'm not surprised that Daniel LaRusso is using his former success as a karate champion in his teens as a gimmick for a car dealership. That's completely believable in the realm of car dealership advertising and marketing gimmicks. What I don't believe is that Daniel is frequently recognized and that other adults talk about his run as a karate champion back in the day. Like, do that many people in the area really remember this guy winning a karate tournament decades ago? I wish more people poked fun at that or at least acknowledged that's all a super huge deal to guys like Johnny and Daniel, but no one else.

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Johnny's Complete Ignorance Of The Internet

I realize there are people out there in the world similar to Johnny Lawrence when it comes to competence with computers. What I did not realize is that even today someone of his age could be so astonishingly ignorant of the internet, social media, and just how that all works in general. It's hard to believe even someone as nostalgic of the 80s as he is would completely sidestep it, and yet, I may never know considering whoever fits that bill will never read this article.

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Hawk Getting That Insane Tattoo And Being Able To Keep It Under Wraps

Suspension of disbelief is mandatory to enjoy a lot of shows, and I have to commend Cobra Kai in some ways for how it keeps its teens grounded compared to other shows. With that being said, how in the hell was Hawk able to get that massive tattoo and keep it under wraps from his parents? It's been one of the few things that I haven't been able to forgive, and I don't even have tattoos! I can only imagine what someone who does have tattoos thinks about all that, and at least would've liked to know more to the story about how he kept that hidden during the healing process.

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Johnny And Daniel Getting Back Into Karate Without Missing A Step

One of the most amazing things about Cobra Kai is how little it references the fact that physically speaking, Johnny and Daniel are still zoned in on karate. Neither one misses a step getting back in the game despite the fact that both men are in their mid to late 50s. One thing I will say is that age never really slowed down Mr. Miyagi's ability to fight, so in that regard, Cobra Kai is staying true to its roots. Even so, why don't either of these guys ever acknowledge they're not quite as spry as they once were?

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