How Jeannie Mai Will Return To Dancing With The Stars Despite Emergency Surgery

Dancing with the Stars Jeannie Mai Brandon Armstrong ABC

Dancing with the Stars Jeannie Mai Brandon Armstrong ABC

(Image credit: ABC)

It was unfortunate when we first learned that Jeannie Mai would have to depart this season of Dancing with the Stars. She did not get voted off or suffer an injury during the competition but had to drop out to have have emergency surgery to treat a potentially life-threatening condition. Now, it appears she'll be heading back to the show before the season ends.

TheWrap reports that Jeannie Mai will be back for Dancing with the Stars’ Season 29 finale. It's unclear if she'll perform but, if that were to be the case, it would presumably be with her pro partner, Brandon Armstrong. Mai has been recovering since she had to end her Dancing with the Stars season early to have emergency surgery, as the ordeal amounted to a tumultuous few weeks for her.

Jeannie Mai was diagnosed with epiglottitis, a condition in which the the cartilage covering the windpipe becomes inflamed to the point that it restricts airflow to the lungs. The situation was incredibly serious, as it blocked more than half of Jeannie Mai’s airway (60% to be exact). Not only was Mai forced to leave Dancing with the Stars as a result, but she also had to take time off from her regular hosting gig on The Real.

As for Dancing with the Stars, Jeannie Mai’s journey will have an excellent finishing flourish by way of her finale return. I would hope they would leave the option for her to return and compete when she gets fully recovered for a forthcoming season. Mai’s situation follows a season in which the ballroom competition witnessed numerous injuries.

When Jeannie Mai’s medical emergency occurred, she and her pro partner, Brandon Armstrong, were coming off a great week. The duo had scored a 25 out of 30 for her Hannibal Lector-inspired paso doble during Villains’ Night. Historically speaking, Dancing with the Stars has tended to include those who left the season’s competition in the finale as a way of coming full circle. Hopefully, the show has found a unique way to bring Mai and Armstrong back and will allow them to really go out on a high note.

Jeannie Mai will have a front row seat when the final three competitors duke it out for the mirror ball trophy. The winners will either be Nelly and Daniella, Nev and Jenna, or Kaitlyn and Artem.

After lots of judging controversy this season, Dancing with the Stars will waltz into the finale, which will be Tyra Banks’ first as the show’s host. Be sure to tune in to find out who wins and what Jeannie Mai does in her return. Dancing with the Stars' Season 29 finale airs this Monday, November 23, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC. For what to watch after it wraps, check out 2021’s winter/spring schedule.

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