Big Brother All-Stars' Nicole Franzel Says Da'Vonne Rogers Won't Speak To Her After Game

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Big Brother All-Stars is long over with, but the drama continues, with the players offering their commentary on the biggest moments of the season. The latest news comes from Nicole Franzel who revealed that despite her attempts thus far, she cannot get ahold of Da'Vonne Rogers after the game.

The revelation came via the Coco Caliente Podcast, a podcast that Nicole Franzel does with her fiancé Victor Arroyo. The two walked through some of the controversies that surrounded her time in the game both prior to and after Big Brother All-Stars, as well as the elaborate lie The Committee formed during Ian Terry's eviction to deceive Da'Vonne Rogers. The plan was successful and caused Da'Vonne to have a big fight with David Alexander, which wouldn't be remedied until a wall yeller exposed the truth. Da'Vonne was hurt that Nicole intentionally lied to her and according to Nicole, has not spoken to her since the game ended:

So to Da’vonne, before I get into that specific scenario...I guess I’m hoping that Da’Vonne hears this. I have reached out to Da’vonne. I will not stop trying. I love her so much. Going back in there, I was like, ‘There’s a good chance she’ll play again and I want to do no harm to her.’ Personally, and or in the game. I failed at it. This hurts. I’m so sad that I hurt her as well.

As Big Brother fans know, this incident goes back much further than that moment. On Day 1 of Big Brother All-Stars, Nicole Franzel found Da'Vonne Rogers to bury any bad blood between them from Big Brother Season 18. Nicole also told Da'Vonne that because Da'Vonne was the vote that led to her winning in Season 18, she would do everything she could to help Da'Vonne win in Big Brother All-Stars.

It was a pledge that Da'Vonne seemingly trusted implicitly and repeatedly reinforced to Kevin Campbell and other houseguests that there was no way Dani Briones and Nicole Franzel would lie to her about the vote to get out Ian Terry. As mentioned, Da'Vonne later learned from outside interference, while she was in the house, that Nicole did indeed lie but, because live feeds were cut for so long, viewers didn't get to see the fallout from that.

Judging from the fact the two have not spoken after the game, it's clear any conversation between the two of them did not go well. Nicole Franzel would like to mend the bridge, perhaps more so now that the betrayal was all for naught after she was cut in the Final 3 by Cody Calafiore. Meanwhile, Da'Vonne Rogers has been pretty active on social media, so one would think she is aware that Nicole is reaching out to her. Given the situation, it's possible the decision not to respond to Nicole is intentional.

Big Brother All-Stars is over, but anyone can binge the entire season right now on CBS All Access. Continue to stick with CinemaBlend for more on the franchise, and for the latest news happening in television and movies.

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