Big Brother All-Stars' Nicole Franzel Unfollows Several Former Players Following Finale

Nicole Franzel on Big Brother All-Stars CBS

Big Brother All-Stars had a predictable result, but still, a thrilling finish after winner Cody Calafiore made an unexpected move late-game. The actor and two-time Big Brother player made a last-minute decision on finale night and decided to cut his "ride or die" Final 2 partner Nicole Franzel and took Enzo Palumbo to the Final 2 instead.

Nicole was torn up about the decision on finale night, and it looks like the hurt of that betrayal and criticisms of others has led to her to take some action on social media. Nicole Franzel has been busy on social media and has unfollowed the Season 22 winner but took things an extra step further than that.

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Cody Calafiore was vocal about how he was not invited to Nicole Franzel's wedding during Big Brother All-Stars, and now it seems he and his girlfriend still won't be attending the big day after what happened. Cody isn't the only person in the season that Nicole Franzel is no longer following on social media, as it was also revealed Dani Briones was recently unfollowed by the winner as well. The story behind that should be interesting because, by all accounts, Dani and Nicole got along better than most people in the house. Was there something said between the two after the show that changed their relationship?

Perhaps the most interesting unfollow by Nicole Franzel was the one with Derrick Levasseur. There were rumors this season that Derrick helped orchestrate a pre-game alliance between Cody Calafiore and Nicole that some thought helped drive their success during the season. If that did happen (Derrick has denied the allegations), Nicole may feel like she was set up by two people she considered friends. It's also worth noting that Derrick stated he was unhappy with Nicole towards the season's start and unfollowed her on social media as well.

After those key unfollowings, it was also noted that Nicole Franzel unfollowed former players like former winner Andy Herren, Season 20's Haleigh Broucher and Season 12 and 14 player Britney Haynes. The exact reasoning behind these moves isn't known, but it's no secret former houseguests have been critical of Nicole's game moves all season. Some felt she did little to nothing beyond hiding behind her alliance in the early game, and others pointed out her treatment of Ian Terry as problematic.

Fans have had an extra close eye on Nicole Franzel since the game ended, perhaps curious to see how the former winner would respond to the criticisms fans had in regards to her play during the season. It's not too surprising she'd want to unfollow some of those giving her guff. Hopefully, if there was a friendship with some of those people, she'll eventually follow them back and begin to heal from her third time in the Big Brother house.

Big Brother All-Stars is done, but you can re-watch the season and all prior Big Brother seasons on CBS All Access. As always continue to stick with CinemaBlend for more on the franchise, and for the latest news in television and movies.

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