Would Big Brother's Nicole Have Won All-Stars If She Made It To Final 2?

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Warning! The following contains spoilers from the Big Brother All-Stars finale. Read at your own risk!

Big Brother All-Stars is over, and as predicted, Cody Calafiore ended up on top as the big winner. One twist that wasn't expected was that he'd cut his Final 2 partner and alleged pre-game alliance cohort Nicole Franzel in the Final 3, and take Enzo Palumbo to the end with him.

It was a twist the fans didn't see coming, and possibly not even the members of the jury house. That being said, Da'Vonne Rogers said in an interview with Taran Armstrong that she had an idea where the votes would go had Nicole been in a Final 2, and whether she would've won depending on the scenario.

If it were Nicole and Enzo, Nicole would've won. If it were Nicole and Cody, Cody would've won but it wouldn't have been by unanimous vote. People were saying that as a winner that if she made it to the end, she deserved to win again...I know Memphis kept saying her wanted her to win. I'm pretty sure Christmas would've voted for her, Kevin was pretty adamant about voting for her and I think David would've even voted for her too. So, it definitely wouldn't have been a clean sweep.

Da'Vonne Rogers confirmed that she absolutely wouldn't have voted for Nicole to win, not wishing to be the vote that gifted the win to her yet again after Season 18. With that being said, Enzo Palumbo has confirmed that had he been the person voted out at Final 3, he was going to give his vote to Nicole Franzel. Provided all the people Da'Vonne claimed would've voted for Nicole plus Enzo, she would've been the winner of Big Brother All-Stars.

This may hurt more for Nicole, who also told EW she would not have betrayed Cody Calafiore in the way he betrayed her. Even though Enzo was the easier person to go up against, Nicole assured in interviews that she never doubted for a second that she was going to take Cody with her had she won the Final HOH.

I am just so freaking loyal. And like, I like to think that, you know, the viewers see a different show than what we see, but he was going, playing in that house. I played my butt off and I played my cards to the best of my ability. And if I would have lost to Cody, fine. So be it. But I was going to take him. I just think I'm a ride or die type of person. And I get like, looking back on it, I may have regretted that decision because I would have lost. But, at the same time, for me sitting next to someone that I played this game with the entire season and went to final two with, and I would just be like, this is a success to me. Of course I would love to have won twice. And I would like to think that I could have, but I'm not afraid to go up against anybody. I think Cody was definitely the better player of the two, obviously. I'm not afraid to go up against the best.

Of course, Big Brother fans will never truly know how these decisions would've gone down, and there was plenty of speculation ahead of the finale that Nicole Franzel would do the exact same thing to Cody Calafiore if given the opportunity. We can only really know what actually happened, and wait and see if Cody will get that wedding invite from Nicole now that the season is over.

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