Dwayne Johnson And More WWE Superstars Pay Respects To Pat Patterson, Dead At 79

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The WWE is mourning the loss of another one of its own, as another legend has passed away. Pat Patterson, Hall of Famer and long-time company man for the WWE both in the ring and behind the scenes, has died at 79. The news was announced by the wrestling organization, where Patterson spent the majority of his professional career.

To say Pat Patterson is a legend in professional wrestling is an understatement. Patterson was the WWE's first-ever Intercontinental Champion, and the creator of one of the brand's biggest PPV event matches, the Royal Rumble. His major role within the company over the decades allowed him to make a lot of relationships, which meant many in the wrestling world were quick to memorialize him. This includes Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, who took to Instagram to say the following:

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Many wrestlers made mention of Pat Patterson's love of singing in memorializing him, which he apparently did quite often behind the scenes. WWE superstar Bayley recalled a company tradition involving Patterson doing a "special performance" during the holidays.

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Some fans may remember Pat Patterson for his original singles run in WWE, though many more may remember him as a hilarious side character during the Attitude Era. Patterson and Gerald Briscoe played the "stooges" for Vince McMahon during his feuds with Stone Cold Steve Austin. McMahon took to social media to eulogize the wrestler, with some kind words expressing what he meant to those within the brand.

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A lot of wrestlers spoke about the friendship of Pat Patterson, and it seems like age was just a number when it came to hanging out with him. Current superstar Baron Corbin talked about his times hanging out with Patterson, and the activities the two would get into outside of the squared circle.

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Pat Patterson had many friends young and old, and yes, many are legends like him. The Iron Sheik, a notorious villain from WWE's days of old, somewhat broke his character online to pay homage to his friend.

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Some wrestlers spoke to Pat Patterson's friendship and his work behind the scenes on WWE, and others spoke of his bravery. WWE superstar Natalya shared this:

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Pat Patterson's legacy was well-cemented in the WWE prior to his passing, so there's little doubt that his legacy will live on in the brand for a long time if not indefinitely. The widespread response from the pro wrestling world affirms that, and that wrestlers will continue to share stories of Patterson in the years to come.

CinemaBlend would like to offer its condolences to the friends and family of Pat Patterson and wish them well during this trying time. As always, continue to stick with CinemaBlend for all the latest happening in television and movies.

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