First Letterkenny Season 9 Scene Has Wayne And Co. Taking Shots At Angie And I Can’t Get Enough

Letterkenny is finally making a comeback on Hulu and Crave and it’s doing the dang thing before the end of the year. We already got a first look at some of the returning characters in the upcoming season, as well as what to expect from the episodes, but what we didn’t get was Letterkenny’s unique combo of highbrow/lowbrow jokes. Thanks to a new Hulu clip, we now are able to enjoy the gang ripping on Angie to our heart's content.

Obviously, I can’t get enough of the gang taking shots at Angie, whether that be Katy kicking her straight in the box or generally other people making snide comments and taking Wayne’s side when it comes to Angie and her cheating heart. Angie pops up occasionally,  but apparently in Season 9, she’s going to be busy reinventing herself again. This time, she’ll be no puck bunny. In fact though, Daryl is the one who seems most disgusted by the newest version of Angie, noting,

Daryl: She’s acting different like someone who’s gone traveling for the first time and then come home and is acting different.Dan: Is there anything worse?Wayne: Stillborn puppies, and nothing else.

This looks to be the first cold open for Letterkenny Season 9 and it comes complete with Wayne holding some puppies. So I'm pretty excited about how the whole scene plays out. Meanwhile, ripping on Angie has been an age-old pastime for the characters on the Hulu series for a while now, given the way Wayne's "flame" ended the relationship with him. Angie was never fond of Wayne's reputation in town nor his fighting, but then when he shaped up for her she cheated on him. The rest is Letterkenny history.

Angie only pops up in a few episodes of the series, but she's pretty unlikable the few times we meet her, so talking about her in this manner behind her back is unsurprising and probably as deeply satisfying for most other Letterkenny fans as it is for me. Despite this, given this is a cold open and given Hulu already revealed the new season would feature several through lines including Tanis creating her own energy drink, the hockey players learning about Judaism and the whole gang attending an American Buck and Doe, we may not hear much more about Angie during Season 9 of Letterkenny.

We initially expected the new episodes to hit Crave and Hulu in 2021; however, that has turned out to not be the case. The new episodes will actually hit Hulu on Saturday, December 26 -- just after the holiday. Hope you'll be able to relieve any family stress with some much-needed laughter, bud. At least that's something to look forward to this pandemic-filled holiday season.

Meanwhile, we also know the show is hoping to film seasons back-to-back coming up, so hopefully there will be more Letterkenny coming down the pipeline and soon. CinemaBlend will be sure to keep you updated either way, but for now see what else is coming with our full premiere schedule.

Jessica Rawden
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