Letterkenny Isn't Going Back Into Production For A While, But There Is A Silver Lining

The Hockey Players wasted and shirtless in Letterkenny Season 8

In a situation that is more pump the breaks than pitter patter, Letterkenny had been expected to get off the ground for its monumental 10th season on Hulu this summer. Filming had been anticipated for August and September of this year; however, like many a TV series, Letterkenny had to pump the breaks following quarantine restrictions and more related to the pandemic around the world. Now, however, we’re finally learning when the series may be getting back to filming. Spoiler: It’s still going to be a bit, but there is at least a little bit of good news.

We’re clearly past the August and September timeframe at this point, and now it looks as if Letterkenny is not set to move forward until 2021. Those related to the series are pumped about the new season’s scripts; regardless, the actual filming is not expected to begin now until the Spring of 2021. There is a silver lining, however.

When last we checked up on Letterkenny it had been renewed for Season 9. Now, however, executive producer Mark Montefiore recently said that when the show comes back they hope to film Season 10 and Season 11 back-to-back. That seems like probably it's a typo, give Season 9 is coming down the pipeline next. However, either way the comment does indicate two more seasons are coming and will be filmed quickly. So while we may need to grab a Puppers and rewatch favorite old episodes in the meantime, at least we can feel a little excited about the fact the show is nowhere near taking its final bow yet and there will be a lot more coming.

Letterkenny’s Mark Montefiore was the one who broke the news, noting to Sudbury.com that the Canadian fan-favorite is a bit of a cult favorite and not exactly getting the money per episode that Game of Thrones did. AKA it doesn’t exactly have a ton of extra budget dollars to play with. Given that the 2020 pandemic has led to increased testing, insurance and safety precautions for COVID-19, that has a huge effect on budgets, and apparently that wasn’t a feasible option for the Crave and Hulu series.

Unfortunately we had to push our production from this year to next year because of COVID-related insurance issues. COVID means that there are a very few amount of productions that are able to happen right now. COVID expenses to be able to make the set safe have ballooned, and insurance is lacking right now.

Letterkenny isn’t the only TV series that had to be pushed back due to the pandemic nor is it the only series that is still seeing delays due to current global events. We’ll keep you updated as soon as the popular comedy moves forward, but for now you can see what Hulu does have in the slate with our full October schedule. There's no need to get into the Gus 'N Bru yet.

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