Letterkenny’s Michelle Mylett Shares Funny Set Video As Hulu Preps For Season 9 Release

While a lot of the cast of Hulu and Crave’s Letterkenny are not particularly active on social media, there are a few leads, including Michelle Mylett, Dylan Playfair and Kamilla Koval (Bonnie McMurray…) who do post a little more often. While we know Season 9 is on the way before the end of the year now, it wasn't as perhaps out of nowhere as you'd guess. One of the clues that should have helped us to anticipate the new episodes were on the way sooner rather than later may have been a funny set video shared by Michelle Mylett ahead of the announcement.

While the video in question wasn’t necessarily moments from the upcoming Season 9, it should probably have, in fact, alerted us to the fact the cast was at least champing at the bit to get back to work earlier this month.

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She wasn’t the only Letterkenny star to get us hyped pre-trailer, so perhaps we should have seen the signs. In fact, lead Dylan Playfair also used an abundance of ellipses in a post that probably should have given us a hint that new Letterkenny was coming down the pipeline.

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As it turns out, Letterkenny will have the batch of Season 9 episodes out sooner than we expected. That’s because earlier this year, producer Mark Montefiore had said that even though the show was renewed it wouldn’t be going into production for a while--and that was namely due to safety precaution cost increases and more related to global events this year, so most of us weren’t expecting new episodes in 2020 at all. Per Montefiore:

Unfortunately we had to push our production from this year to next year because of COVID-related insurance issues. COVID means that there are a very few amount of productions that are able to happen right now. COVID expenses to be able to make the set safe have ballooned, and insurance is lacking right now.

And yet, now we have a trailer, a plot synopsis -- which includes Tanis starting her own energy drink brand -- and a Hulu release date on December 26. This answers some of the lingering questions we’ve had about the upcoming episodes. In addition, as Jonesy actor Andrew Herr put it on Instagram after the trailer was released, it’s really just good timing, noting, “It’s been a tough year for a lot of people in 2020, so let’s end it with some laughs during Christmas time!”

Next up, Letterkenny is hoping to film Season 10 and Season 11 back-to-back. Season 10 may seem like a milestone for the series, but while it is an impressive number of seasons, it should be noted the show only films a handful of episodes each season. At the end of Season 9, the show will have reached 61 episodes, so we have a while before Hulu’s Letterkenny breaks the iconic 100-episode mark.


In the meantime, we still have a while to wait for new episodes to hit the schedule, but you can spend that time perusing Michelle Mylett’s social, where she often shares such Letterkenny gems. You can thank us later.

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