The Mandalorian: 5 Things That Are Keeping Me From Being A Diehard Fan

The Mandalorian

I’ve been called an idiot in the past for my opinions on Star Wars. In fact, I once argued that the first Avengers movie is better than anything that Star Wars has ever done (that went over really well in the comments section). But you know what? While I know the Disney+ hit, The Mandalorian takes place within the Star Wars universe, it’s actually quite different in a lot of ways, and I used to really love it for that reason.

Notice how I said used to love it, since I’ve definitely come down from the stratospheric high that I had when I finished watching the first season about a year ago. Now, keep in mind, I like Star Wars and all, but I’m the kind of person who calls Rogue One the best Star Wars movie. So, just remember that when I start saying some pretty controversial statements about your silly space wizard stories. Oh, and there will be a few brief spoilers down below. Just so you know.

Mando and Baby Yoda

I'm Kind of Tired Of Baby Yoda (Or Grogu. Whatever)

I get it. Baby Yoda (or Grogu. But I’m not calling him that) is adorable. He’s got those huge eyes and that lovable expression, and I know. Cute, cute, cute. And when we originally saw him at the end of the first episode, he added that extra level of mystery. Like, what the hell? Is this Yoda reborn? Or did Yoda have a child? How many members are in this race anyway? Queeesssstions.

But now, I’m just tired of him. He’s like the Steve Urkel of this show, i.e., the character who seemed like a special guest at first who somehow managed to usurp the whole series. Now, Mando (or Din Djarin. But I’m not calling him that, either) is primarily on a never-ending fetch quest (bring him here. No here. Now go there. Go here now) in a mission to drop off the child somewhere. This is kind of taking away from the Mandalorian himself. And about that…


The Story Is Beginning To Lose Focus Of Its Title Character

I actually loved “Chapter 15: The Believer” of The Mandalorian, and do you know why? Well, yes. Because there was no Baby Yoda in it. But more so than that, because the episode focused on its title character and was not just a quest for Mando to unload Baby Yoda. There’s actually this really great scene in the episode where Bill Burr’s character, Migs Mayfield, questions Mando’s philosophy as a Mandalorian, since Mando has to switch masks in order to get into a facility. And I really loved that scene. It gave us a broader picture of not only Mando, but of Mandalorians in general.

But these last few episodes before “The Believer” have shifted focus considerably. I know we are getting character growth out of Mando by seeing the lengths he’ll go to just to get Baby Yoda back. But I feel like the show is much more interesting when Mando is leaving Baby Yoda with somebody else while he goes off on one of his missions. I’m hoping “The Believer” is a sign that we’re finally shifting focus away from Baby Yoda, but with only one episode left this season, I’m not hopeful.

Rosario Dawson

The Force Is Starting To Get Strong With This One... And That's a Problem

This might be my most controversial statement, but I hate the force. I think it’s lame. Okay, okay. Maybe lame’s the wrong word. I actually really liked how it was utilized in Rogue One, where it was more like a religion and the characters weren’t even sure if it really existed or not. So, I guess a better word might be “overused.” Because even thinking about the force gives me these horrible flashbacks of the prequels where Jedi were deflecting laser blasts with their lightsabers, and it all just gives me a headache.

And that’s why I loved The Mandalorian. It had all the stuff I liked about Star Wars (the X-wings, the Empire, the wild west influence), and very little of the stuff I hated (Baby Yoda would close his eyes every now and then and move stuff). But then “The Jedi” episode happened, and now I’m just like, ugh. Again with this? Can’t we have Star Wars stuff without jedis and the force in it? I know I’m not the only one who would prefer less force in their Star Wars, but now we have it in The Mandalorian, and I’m not happy about it at all. Boo.

Giancarlo Esposito

Moff Gideon Doesn't Seem Nearly As Interesting As He Once Did

Moff Gideon, played by Giancarlo Esposito, was a highlight in Season 1. He came toward the end and basically played the same badass he played on Breaking Bad, which was the calm but deadly antagonist. So, I was really excited about his character when he was introduced on The Mandalorian.

Then, Chapter 14, “The Tragedy” happened, and now I find him far less intriguing. Because he’s really intimidating when he’s just standing around and staring at people. But when he finally had Baby Yoda in his clutches, he said something like (and I’m paraphrasing here), aww, the force makes you sleepy. And he just lost all coolness for me after that moment. Look, I wasn’t expecting him to slice a stormtrooper’s throat from ear to ear in front of Baby Yoda just to prove a point, but I wanted him to be at least a little tougher than that. Now, I just don’t find him interesting anymore at all. I’ll tell you, Baby Yoda ruins everything. Even Moff Gideon. And that leads me to my final point.

Mando and Baby Yoda Funko Pops

Merchandise Is Seemingly Becoming More Important Than Story

Star Wars has pretty much always been about the merch. I mean, why else would Disney purchase Star Wars if not for that Darth Vader money? But I feel like The Mandalorian is especially starting to be more about the merch than the story as of late. Pretty much every time a new character is introduced on the show, I’m just waiting to see its Funko Pop counterpart in Gamestop. And the company is practically printing money now that Baby Yoda dolls are readily available.

In fact, that’s part of the reason why I think the show has kind of shifted focus from Mando to Baby Yoda. If you’ll allow me to put on my tinfoil hat, I have a theory that the reason why Baby Yoda is now so much more prominent on the show is because he has now become the face of the series. And that face is worth millions! So, is this entirely true? Probably not. But you can’t deny that people want to buy Star Wars merch, and Baby Yoda is surely one of the brand’s biggest sellers.

In the end, I still like The Mandalorian. I just don’t love it anymore. But what do you think? Is the show better now than ever before, or are you kind of losing your love for it like I am? Sound off in the poll or the comments section down below.

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