Did The Mandalorian Already Show Baby Yoda's Jedi Trainer To Viewers?

Warning! The following could contain spoilers for The Mandalorian Season 2. Read at your own risk!

Disney+'s The Mandalorian is nearing the end of Season 2, and considering some recent developments in the story, it's a valid question whether or not Din and Grogu (a.k.a. Baby Yoda) will be able to successfully link up with a Jedi trainer before the season's end. That is, of course, unless one has already met them, which is precisely what some think after a close look at a scene from "The Tragedy."

The moment comes just before Din meets up with Boba Fett and Fennec Shand, and is on his way down the hill where he left Grogu. The rock formation and Grogu's aura from the Seeing Stone can be seen in the background, but it looks like there may be something else. Take a look within that highlighted red circle in the photo below from the scene, and check out what appears to be a figure standing near the stone.

The Mandalorian Disney+

From a distance, it looks like the head and shoulders of someone observing Grogu while he's meditating on the Seeing Stone. Provided this is the case, there's a chance that someone was able to get up on that mountain and observe The Child without Mando noticing. Din's tech for tracking people is pretty good, but The Mandalorian had only just shown Ahsoka effectively avoid detection an episode earlier. Is it possible Jedi know a way of fooling these devices, and if so, did one sneak up to get a better look at Grogu?

Another theory is that if a Jedi were to sense Grogu's presence and they were powerful enough, they wouldn't have to necessarily physically appear. Star Wars: The Last Jedi showed that Force Projection is a trait Jedi can acquire, and use to appear to be present even if they physically aren't. We also know Force Ghosts generally have the power to appear out of the ether wherever and whenever, so there's another way someone could've slipped Din's watchful eye. Then again, it's not like he's never been caught off guard by non-Jedi, so a moderate level of caution could be sufficient enough to slip by him.

There's also the possibility that this is just the tip of one of the rocks, and every fan of The Mandalorian who has been weighing in on this theory has gone off the rails on speculation for nothing. Hey, we've all been there, but sometimes the craziest harebrained theories and speculation ultimately turn out to be true. The bottom line is this little detail could mean everything... or nothing.

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