Rosie Perez Gives Her Thoughts On Possibly Becoming Jeopardy's Host Following Alex Trebek's Death

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Jeopardy! has figured out a way to fill its hosting slot for the immediate future but, ultimately, the show is hoping to pass the mantle on to another person after Ken Jennings' interim period as host. Various names have emerged as possible candidates to take over the show since Alex Trebek's death, including that of actress Rosie Perez. Perez's character played Jeopardy! in the film White Men Can't Jump, but does that mean she'd take on the role as host?

Perez recently spoke about her big scene in White Men Can't Jump, as well as her thoughts on potentially being the host of Jeopardy!. The actress didn't leave ambiguity in her response and laid out exactly how she's feeling about the idea of taking over the game show one day:

No. No, I would not be a good host for Jeopardy!. It would be a pleasure and it would be an honor... but, to follow Alex Trebek, no. I think someone much more scholarly should do that, not me.

Based on her comments on PeopleTV's Couch Surfing, Rosie Perez is not up to host Jeopardy! and thinks the role should go to someone "more scholarly" than her. It doesn't appear like any Jeopardy! viewers should expect to see her to be one of the interim guests to host the program either, though she did elaborate on what an honor it was to meet Alex Trebek when filming White Men Can't Jump.

There are only a couple of weeks left in 2020, and Jeopardy! has still not announced the next permanent host of the game trivia game show. Perez is just the latest name in the mix, but the past weeks have suggested everyone from LeVar Burton to George Stephanopoulos. The show filmed enough episodes with Alex Trebek ahead of his death for the show to wrap up his run at the beginning of January. After that, Ken Jennings will take over as will an unannounced series of other interim hosts until a final call is made.

The suggestions of Rosie Perez, as well as others, have created an interesting question as of late. What exactly qualifies someone to host Jeopardy!, and is it important they have a legacy attached to the show? It seems the verdict is still out, as former champions hold just as much weight in the conversation as popular celebrities and the brainier crowd of pop culture. Perhaps this is why it's been so hard to reach a consensus on who is the obvious choice for the job and if they'd be willing to take it.

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