Being a parent is a hard enough on a day-to-day basis, and many would agree that it becomes infinitely harder once one's offspring gets invested in head-smackingly annoying children's entertainment. While recent years have been devoted to scrubbing the endless number of "Baby Shark" videos out of our brain-crevices, the PBS animated series Caillou has been a glaring target of parental hatred for far longer. (Even factoring into Family Guy's most recent season premiere.) So it's no surprise that there was much, much rejoicing when PBS announced this week that it's taking Caillou off the air.

Where did a lot of that rejoicing take place? Probably not so much in the streets, since that would require physical effort, and Caillou isn't worth all that. But Twitter was particularly lit up with grateful and ecstatic posts from parents, siblings, former viewers, and former WWE superstar The Iron Sheik. So before you throw on some quality kid-geared shows such as Bluey or that Danish series about the guy with the super-long, uncontrollable penis, check out some of the best reactions to Caillou's cancellation.

Now, to be fair, that assessment is probably hyperbolic. There are almost definitely two, maybe even THREE parents out there who considered the Canadian-bred Caillou to be "slightly less than horrible." But for bazillions of others, that kid defines nuisance with his big dumb head, so it's understandable why the woman below wants to throttle him.

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Considering everything that's happening in the country right now, it may feel a little strange to engage in celebration of a cartoon's demise, especially since Caillou hasn't even produced new episodes since 2010. (One might easily suspect that the endlessly cycle of those initial five seasons has fueled the hatred.) But everyone needs something hopeful to hold onto in times both bright and dark.

Despite the fact that this year has already birthed some bonkers situations that would have seemed better suited for the awful run that 2020 gave us, Caillou's exile from PBS marks the dawn of a new era.

Considering Caillou's titular character showcased a lot of entitled behavior and was quick to complain about things not going his way, more than a few Twitter users pondered what the world will be like without the animated character holding us back as a society. Get ready for Jetsons-style living, people! (Or not, but still.)

Remember when The Iron Sheik was mentioned earlier? Yeah, he was definitely pleased as dick-punch that Caillou is being eradicated. Having first thanked "THE GOD THE JESUS AND THE KENNEDY MCMAHON" in a previous post, Sheik capped off the evening with this gem.

That felt like a perfect mic drop on Caillou hate, didn't it? But let's end on a more amusing and less vindictive post, because it made me laugh. Because we're at a time when slang is as universal as traditional language, this person below is one of several people who completely misinterpreted the big news.

For the record, though, "this bald-headed character" was a parent-riling twat for two decades. That's what he did. And not to give anyone waking nightmares, but the character Caillou is technically still being a parent-riling twat on YouTube in new animated episodes thanks to the production company WildBrain. We can never totally win, can we?

When everyone is done celebrating Caillou's quasi-demise, head to our Winter and Spring 2021 TV premiere schedule to see all the hopefully non-infuriating shows hitting the small screen soon.

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