WandaVision’s Paul Bettany Reveals One Way The Disney+ Show Surpasses Avengers: Endgame

Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda Maximoff and Paul Bettany as Vision in WandaVision (2021)

Marvel’s WandaVision is almost here, and the anticipation is steadily increasing. The show is poised to launch a new era in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which will see the sprawling film franchise make the leap to the small screen. The nine-episode series places the characters of Wanda Maximoff and Vision in a seemingly idyllic suburban setting, with plenty of sitcom homages thrown in for good measure. This would make one assume that the show will be smaller in scale (from a production standpoint) as compared to its big-screen counterparts. However, Paul Bettany has revealed that the show actually manages to one up Avengers: Endgame in a key way.

Before he learned about WandaVision, Paul Bettany actually believed he was being fired from Marvel Studios, due to Vision’s death at the end of Avengers: Infinity War. He was ultimately thrilled to find out that he was being brought back for a sitcom-esque MCU project that he says will change fans’ perception of the franchise. And believe it or not, he also noted that the series actually utilized visual effects more than Avengers: Endgame did:

I think it will make everybody look at the Marvel Cinematic Universe in a whole new way. Marvel has always taken big swings... But we’re a really big swing. There are more VFX shots in WandaVision than we had in Endgame. That’s a big ask.

That really is a big ask, as Avengers: Endgame is arguably one of the most ambitious undertakings in the history of cinema. The fact that Paul Bettany told Total Film that WandaVision has more VFX shots than the culmination film really says something about the show.

Interestingly, when it comes to trailers and TV spots, most footage has highlighted WandaVision’s more practical approach to production. This was essential for creating the sitcom motif Marvel Studios was going for. As Paul Bettany previously recalled, the first episode was shot in front of a live audience and was completed in two days. The show also made use of old-school tricks to pull off certain feats, like making food levitate or having a bottle of wine pour itself.

But of course, what would an MCU project be without some dazzling visual effects? WandaVision’s trailers seem to indicate that the show will eventually move into more familiar blockbuster territory. And to be honest, it’s only fitting that this would be the case since the series focuses on two of the most powerful characters in the entire cinematic universe.

WandaVision has received positive reactions from critics so far, with many singling out the show’s departure from typical MCU fare. Despite this, the visual effects-fueled sequences should be welcomed by longtime fans. We’ll see how Marvel Studios’ first TV show manages to balance practical effects with its various VFX shots when it finally hits our screens.

WandaVision makes its two-episode debut on Disney+ on Friday, January 15.

Erik Swann
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