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Snowpiercer: 9 Questions We Have After The Season 2 Premiere

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for the Season 2 premiere of Snowpiercer. Read at your own risk!

Snowpiercer Season 2 is here, and fans were able to jump right back into the chaotic aftermath of Layton's revolution. In fact, in the premiere, fans got a firsthand look at the mystery man of the series, Mr. Wilford.

As cool as it was to see Sean Bean on the show, the official arrival of his character Mr. Wilford brings a lot of questions following the Season 2 premiere. Below are some questions involving that, as well as some questions I have about some of the other mysterious things we saw in the exciting episode.

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What's The Story Behind Big Alice?

Big Alice is now connected to Snowpiercer, but the first hour didn't do a lot to tell us exactly what's going on inside of it. One thing that does seem apparent is they're in need of food, per Alex's demands at the beginning of the episode that sent Snowpiercer's occupants in a scramble to gather. Melanie theorized Wilford would run a train's resources ragged under his rule, so the Big Alice occupants may have been without some necessities and luxuries for some time.

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Can Wilford And Layton Get Along?

There are now two leaders of two respective trains on Snowpiercer, and thanks to some last-minute tinkering by Melanie, the playing field is even. While Wilford originally had the power to freeze out Snowpiercer should they refuse his demands, he'll now die along with them should he attempt to do so again. It seems Wilford will have to negotiate with Layton so that the two can co-exist for the time being, but given what little we've seen so far of Wilford, I don't imagine compromise is good enough.

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How Did Wilford Hurt Melanie?

We obviously know that Wilford has hurt Melanie in the time after she betrayed him by turning her daughter Alex against her, but we still have yet to learn the root of the duo's falling out. Wilford certainly seems a little unreasonable in this opening episode, though to this point I don't think it was anything Melanie couldn't have handled. I'm assuming future episodes will get into their dynamic, and hopefully, get into the root as to why Melanie ultimately betrayed Wilford and left her family behind.

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What All Did Wilford Tell Alex About Melanie?

It seems obvious in Snowpiercer's Season 2 premiere that Wilford has shaped Alex's perception of Melanie, though we don't know entirely in what way. For example, if Wilford fed Alex a bunch of lies about her mother, I can only assume it would take a small amount of time with Melanie for her to see that's not entirely true. In either case, Alex certainly has a chip on her shoulder and isn't all that overjoyed to meet her mother again, though it's hard not to blame her considering she was abandoned.

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Will Zarah's Pregnancy Affect Layton's Authority?

Ruth decided to move Zarah into first-class accommodations after she learned of her pregnancy, and while she was glad to take whatever gift was given to protect her child's health, Layton had his reservations. Whether it's the case or not, some will see his and his baby mama's move into First Class as Layton making a home for himself in luxury and pushing aside the needs he originally demanded a revolution for. It's not a matter of if it goes noticed, but whether or not Layton will successfully be able to reassure the occupants of Snowpiercer that he's still a man who believes in the "we're all part of one train" mentality.

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Where Does Ruth's Loyalty Lie?

At the end of Snowpiercer Season 1, it seemed Ruth was absolutely going to be a key player in Wilford taking control of his former train. Layton didn't do too much to earn her trust in the premiere and managed to piss her off when the train launched an attack on Big Alice without her being in the know. With that said, she seemed about as startled as everyone else when their captive Kevin revealed Wilford would absolutely let Snowpiercer die at any hint of an insurrection, so it remains to be seen if she's still fully on board with the great leader she adored so much.

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What The Hell Was With Those Freaky Doctors?

The Headwood doctors are an odd couple, or possibly siblings, I'm really not sure. The fact of the matter is they give off maximum creepy vibes, though there's no denying the science they've worked on while aboard Big Alice is nothing short of astonishing. The two were able to successfully treat Melanie's awful frostbite to the point there isn't even a scar. These people could do a lot of good for future generations living in the cold, provided Wilford doesn't intend on keeping them all for himself.

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They're Growing Weed On Big Alice?

Big Alice seems to be short on some supplies given Alex's demands in the premiere, though we did learn they can cultivate something that Snowpiercer doesn't have. Pike was able to trade some fresh fruit for weed, and it looks like that could be a big bargaining chip for Big Alice if they're allowed to continue trade after the Snowpiercer attack. Something tells me future border interactions may be under a lot more scrutiny in the future.

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Big Alice Has A Frost Giant?

Without a doubt, the most surprising reveal of Snowpiercer's Season 2 premiere was "Icy Bob," who looks like some scarred frost giant who's immune to cold. There's certainly not anyone like that over on Snowpiercer, which allowed Bob to almost single-handedly end Snowpiercer's attack on Big Alice using a cold blast to his advantage. The fan in me is hoping we'll see him square off against Strong Boy in the coming episodes, though I'm also not sure Strong Boy would survive that encounter. I'm also curious how a person like this came to be, and if Icy Bob isn't the product of some strange shit going down on Big Alice.

Snowpiercer fans, did the Season 2 premiere live up to your expectations? Let us know what questions you have down in the comments and tune into Season 2 Mondays on TNT at 9:00 p.m. ET for more episodes.

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