Why Resident Alien's Harry May Be Screwed No Matter What He Does After Latest Reveal

Alan Tudyk On Resident Alien Syfy

Warning! The following contains spoilers for the Resident Alien episode "Birds Of A Feather." Read at your own risk!

Resident Alien's Harry wasn't exactly in a great position the past three episodes, but now it looks like Syfy's latest alien in disguise may really be screwed. The big reveal comes after a few smaller but key reveals throughout the episode, two of which involved wives. Is it even possible that his hiding ends in any way but disaster?

Harry has been dead set on finding his bomb that will erase humanity from Earth, but Resident Alien didn't reveal why until its latest episode. It turns out this was a job he took following the death of his wife and created a perfect opportunity to leave his homeworld and escape that sadness. Unfortunately for Harry, he's having some second thoughts about killing humanity already, which will surely have some repercussions should his employer begin to wonder where he is. Obviously, they want Earth cleared for a reason, but what?

There's a couple of agents poking around Patience, Colorado, and they may know a bit more about Harry and his motives. They're on a mission to track down an alien, but to this point, they haven't figured out Harry is the human in disguise they're looking for. Harry isn't aware either, as he's far more preoccupied with trying to kill Max Hawthorne, who has been trying to expose him as an alien alongside his new friend Sahar.

The kids have been relatively unsuccessful at intentionally exposing Harry as an alien menace, though they inadvertently put him in a real jam in the latest episode. The two knocked themselves unconscious after touching a floating apple in Harry's cabin and were discovered by Harry later that night. Harry was about to dispose of the children once and for all when an unexpected guest interrupted his plan.

It was Harry's wife, but not the dead wife from his homeworld. No, this was the real Harry Vanderspiegel's wife, who alien Harry clearly didn't know existed until this point. Their brief conversation made it seem that the two had some marital troubles, which may explain why Harry had no heads up she existed until her arrival. In either case, Resident Alien left him holding two duffle bags stuffed with Max and Sahar unconscious inside, and no clear way to escape the situation he's in.

All that, and let's not forget the prior episode's reveal that human hikers had stumbled upon some of Harry's alien tech. It's becoming increasingly clear that Harry may need a small miracle to escape this situation, and he's just not equipped to handle any of it at the moment. Faking details of his life was difficult for strangers, so I can't imagine fooling real Harry's wife will be possible. It's only going to take one person exposing the truth for those mysterious agents to be onto him, so I have to wonder how much longer he can hold out.

We can only wait and see as Resident Alien airs on Syfy Wednesdays at 10:00 p.m. ET. For more on Alan Tudyk, read up on the deleted Star Wars scene he participated in that was inspired by Firefly.

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