Watch Rosario Dawson And Go-Big Show Judges Freak Out Over Man Stuffing Rattlesnakes In His Mouth

When it comes to talent competition series, the NBC hit America's Got Talent pretty much has it covered when it comes to ventriloquists, magicians and acrobats. But for those who want to see people showing off a wider variety of random and mind-boggling "skills," then TBS' Go-Big Show is a TV haven. The judges, including The Mandalorian's Rosario Dawson and rapping TV entertainer Snoop Dogg, have seen all kinds of wild acts so far in its first season, with snake wrangler Jackie Bibby offering up some reptile-related doozies. Which brings us to the jaw-dropping and jaw-expanding exclusive video clip above from Thursday night's episode.

In the clip, Jackie Bibby does what few people would even consider is a thing that anyone could do. Namely, he stuffs his mouth with tails of live rattlesnakes, and then holds a bunch of other rattlesnakes, and then has a spider crawl across his head. This is not your average talent, and you don't even have to see him doing it to know how bonkers it is. You just have to look at the reactions from Rosario Dawson, Snoop Dogg, AEW wrestler (and Arrow vet) Cody Rhodes and country singer Jennifer Nettles...oh, and literally everyone the camera focuses on that isn't part of Bibby's crew.

rosario dawson go-big show gif

And by everyone else, I mean yours truly as well. It often takes a lot to get me to react so strongly to something, but here we are. In the first place, watching anyone stuff anything into their mouth in such a way is bothersome, and then watching anyone stuff snake parts into a small space is also bothersome. Combine those two, and Go-Big Show hopeful Jackie Bibby could theoretically jump-start his own horror franchise. Instead of seeing bees come out of Candyman's mouth, it'd be bigass rattlesnakes falling out of Bibby's mouth, while a hairy spider leg closes in around his ears. MAKE IT HAPPEN, BLUMHOUSE!

While a lot of people would run away screaming at the thought of pulling this act off, Jackie Bibby invokes the name of the show with his enthusiasm to take things up a notch. Just hearing anyone say "Seven rattlesnakes in his mouth?" is pretty bizarre out of context, but somehow even more bonkers totally in context. It was enough to make Snoop Dogg squirm, and this dude has seen some weird stuff in Bikini Bottom.

snoop dogg freaking out go-big show

The clip obviously ends before we see how the end of the episode will go, but personally, I'd give Jackie Bibby all the prizes and accolades and awards just to make sure I'd never have to watch him sucking on live rattlesnakes again. (Note to self: Are Rattlesnacks a good idea or a bad idea? Answer to self: A bad idea.)

Check out Jackie Bibby's unpredictable feats, as well as all the other contestants, when The Go-Big Show airs Thursday nights on TBS at 9:00 p.m. ET. Let us know in the poll below what you thought about the act.

Nick Venable
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