Will Picard Season 2 Bring Back Two TNG Characters?

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Star Trek: Picard is officially in production for Season 2, which means it's officially open season for actor/director Jonathan Frakes. The Riker actor has a history of spilling the beans on the most intimate secrets for Star Trek television, and it's looking like he may be doing that yet again with a very oddly timed photo with two notable actors from Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Jonathan Frakes recently took to Twitter to upload a photo, which shows him with two former co-stars Star Trek fans definitely know. Check it out below, and continue reading for why we think this means LeVar Burton and John de Lancie are headed to Star Trek: Picard in Season 2:

It's been reported that Jonathan Frakes is expected to direct at least one episode within Star Trek: Picard Season 2. Given that, and the fact that LeVar Burton and John de Lancie are two guys who both starred on Star Trek: The Next Generation, it doesn't seem like a stretch to speculate the three are reuniting on the series. This is especially true considering Patrick Stewart has signaled a large goal of the series is to bring back as many actors from TNG as possible, though only in ways that feel organic.

Star Trek: Picard Season 1 left some pretty open territory for Season 2 when it comes to its direction, so it's not a stretch to believe Geordi La Forge or the mysterious Q could pop up anywhere. Geordi was, of course, a trusted crewmate and friend of Picard during their time together on the Enterprise, while the all-powerful Q had a far more complicated relationship with Jean-Luc. The two had some real reality-bending battles and, if John de Lancie is headed to Season 2, I'm expecting another one to be on the way.

Should Star Trek: Picard feature the actors in Season 2, this will be the second time in recent memory that John de Lancie has appeared in a new Star Trek series. The actor reprised the role of Q in the animated series Lower Decks, which is set during the same timeframe as the events of The Next Generation. I'm assuming none of that will be relevant should he appear in Star Trek: Picard, though a nod to the Cerritos would be pretty great.

As for Geordi La Forge returning, many Star Trek: Picard fans wished they could've seen him interact with a character in Season 1, Hugh the Borg. Unfortunately, that's not going to be possible given Hugh's death, which I'm sure would be brought up should Picard reconnect with Geordi. I'm sure the engineer will also be interested to learn that Picard is now in a synth body, a surprising twist thrown in at fans at the end of Season 1.

Star Trek: Picard Season 2 is currently in development, and it's currently unknown when it will arrive on Paramount+. For more on Geordi, Q, and other characters, be sure to check out our list of the best episodes from The Next Generation here.

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