SEAL Team Just Put Jason In A Tight Spot, But Why?

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for the SEAL Team episode "Reckoning." Read at your own risk!

Jason Hayes only just got back in control of Bravo, and it didn't take long at all for the SEAL Team star to potentially be stripped of command once more. After a rough outing that unfortunately ended in Sonny catching a bullet in the arm (he'll live), Jason and the rest of Bravo were hanging out at the bar. The time out was interrupted by an NCIS agent, who approached Hayes and took him away in handcuffs.

Agent Salazar (who is seemingly not an NCIS agent anyone in the hit CBS series would know) informed Jason his arrest was for violating Article 119 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice. Though it wasn't revealed what that charge is in the episode, a quick search of the internet uncovered that Jason was arrested and accused of Manslaughter, which is obviously a big deal.

SEAL Team didn't give viewers much more to go on than that, other than providing a brief trailer for an upcoming episode, "A Question Of Honor." The trailer showed Jason ask for answers and only be told the charges against him were from high up the ladder. A couple of scenes were shown of military guards, and Jason was warned to prepare for the "fight of his life."

Jason Hayes has been on the sidelines of SEAL Team as of late, so it's hard to think of what he may have done to warrant this charge. The only thing that came to me was when Jason threatened to use advanced interrogation tactics on a terrorist when the team searched for Ray, which didn't sit well with Clay. Sonny later confirmed that Jason never crossed the line with the interrogation, so unless Sonny lied, it's hard to believe the charges are about that.

Sonny actor A.J. Buckley had a bit to share on what's in store for Jason with TV Insider. The actor also explained why SEAL Team chose to go this route with a storyline, rather than more action-heavy episodes fans may typically expect.

It gets very A Few Good Men. It brings up a lot of stuff we’ve seen in the headlines of late and rules of engagement, rules of war. We have rules as American soldiers but you’re playing against a team that doesn’t have rules. It was cool talking to some of the guys about, how do you work in that environment when there is no rules on the other side? You just have to play by our team’s integrity and honor. It’s a great couple episodes that come out...With COVID and the setbacks we had, it could’ve completely sunk our show because [it] is so action-heavy, but [executive producer] Spencer [Hudnut] really was able to pull an audible and go into the character stuff. If it was Season 1 or 2, I don’t think it would’ve made it but the fact the audience is so invested in us now, we’re able to go down this road with these characters and peel back the layers psychologically and see what’s going on inside.

It sounds like SEAL Team needed some story-heavy episodes that would be easier to shoot with COVID restrictions and pulled together this intriguing storyline for Jason in the process. The next couple of episodes sound like they'll be different than the show's standard fare, but for those who love character development and the guys of Bravo, this will be a treat.

SEAL Team airs on CBS Wednesdays at 9:00 p.m. ET but won't air a new episode until Wednesday, March 24. Sound off on our poll on whether or not Jason will beat the charges, or if this may finally be what drives David Boreanaz's character into a form of retirement.

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