When SEAL Team Will Be Back After The Intense Fall Finale Cliffhanger


Spoilers ahead for the fall finale of SEAL Team on CBS, called "Shockwave."

SEAL Team has already come to an end for 2020 despite only airing four episodes of Season 4, but "Shockwave" delivered enough of a cliffhanger that it definitely works as a fall finale to keep fans waiting to find out what happens next. The episode had to pick up on the previous cliffhanger that revealed that Ray was in a lot of trouble after a suicide bombing at a Tunisian cafe. Despite Bravo's best efforts, "Shockwave" didn't end with Ray rescued and on the way home, but in more danger than ever. So, when will SEAL Team be back and what will happen?

The heroes of Bravo couldn't go after Ray right off the bat in "Shockwave," with Jason working to get himself back in a position to go in himself despite his previous Season 4 efforts to leave field work behind, and then trying to coordinate a plan to breach locations in Tunisia and save Ray. When Ray heard his would-be rescuers coming, he made a break to escape from his captors despite the injuries he sustained, but they got their hands on him, and Bravo never even saw him in the flesh.

They only proof that they had that he'd been there was a cell phone video, and now the bad guys are looking to sell Ray to whoever will pay the highest price, and that does not bode well for Ray or his family. Unfortunately, the answer to whether or not Bravo will get to Ray in time isn't coming in the next week or even before the end of the year. CBS hasn't announced an official date for the winter premiere of SEAL Team Season 4, but 2021 is confirmed:

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To guess when SEAL Team will return in 2021, we can look to how CBS released the first three seasons. The Season 1 fall finale aired on December 6, 2017 and was followed by the winter premiere on January 3, 2018. Season 2 was similar, with the fall finale on December 12, 2018 and the winter premiere on January 2, 2019. Season 3 was a little bit of a different story, with a December 11, 2019 fall finale followed by a February 26, 2020 winter premiere.

With most of the seasons so far returning in January, I'm inclined to think that SEAL Team will return with the Season 4 winter premiere within the first few weeks of 2021. That said, SEAL Team is one of several CBS dramas that had their normal episode counts shortened due to the challenges of production under pandemic protocols, and the fourth season premiered quite late. It's possible that the show won't be back until later in 2021. CBS hasn't announced many dates for early 2021 so far.

For now, we can only wait and hope that CBS announces sooner rather than later when the Ray cliffhanger might be resolved with the SEAL Team winter premiere. I'm still betting on early January. For the shows that have already received premiere dates in the new year, be sure to check out our 2021 winter and spring premiere schedule.

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