Following Snowpiercer's Big Season 2 Cliffhanger, Steven Ogg Shares An Update On Season 3 Production

Warning! The following contains spoilers for the Snowpiercer Season 2 finale "Into The White." Read at your own risk!

Mr. Wilford was firmly in control of both trains prior to TNT's big two-hour Season 2 finale for Snowpiercer, but by the episode's end, Andre Layton and friends found a way to regain some control and perhaps regain the trust of the train's people in both their cause and Melanie Cavill's. Thankfully, Snowpiercer already received an order for Season 3, and actor Steven Ogg opened up about production following the Season 2 finale cliffhanger.

As for that cliffhanger, it took the combined efforts of a lot of people and it almost still failed, but Josie's sudden arrival in the eleventh hour and the destruction of the aquarium allowed a chunk of the Snowpiercer crew to break the first train's engine loose from Big Alice and attempt to rescue Melanie as they originally planned to when she set off to investigate the theory that the Earth is warming once more. Unfortunately, when Layton and Alex arrived at Melanie's base they didn't find her, but instead a journal and some data that contained all her research in her time away from the train.

The data confirmed the world is warming up yet again, and while it still wasn't warm enough to travel where the heroes were, they saw parts on the world map that were drastically warmer than others. Later Alex read the journal which contained a note from Melanie that explained she decided to set off on her own after the train originally passed. She couldn't survive at the base any longer, and while her odds of survival hiking through the snow into the unknown were slim, she really had no other option.

The reveal put in question if or how often Snowpiercer may show Jennifer Connelly's character in Season 3, and while Pike actor Steven Ogg didn't have anything to say about that, he was kind enough to talk with me ahead of the Season 2 finale and share how things have changed on set in Season 3 due to the pandemic:

Yeah we just started back up and you get tested all the time on a regular basis. It's different, you know? You're in a mask all the time and Christoph and I, the director and showrunner, he said it's interesting because it actually allows for these pure moments between actors because it's like the old world. You have to take off your mask and connect with someone. And that's true! But then I also found I haven't worn my mask for eight hours straight, so you start to get a bit like 'Ugh I want to take it off.' But everyone's being super safe, and that's what we have to do. Obviously very grateful to get to work and to be back on a set. It's sort of like sports, just to be back with a team. I just feel better.

Unfortunately, Pike and many other Snowpiercer characters' fates were left hanging in the balance as only a few of the show's cast were featured in the final moments. Right now, it's not entirely clear the entirety of who's on Layton's severed Snowpiercer engine and who was left back on Big Alice with Wilford, though the episode showed that Zarah and Ruth ended up on Big Alice after all was said and done. Layton took Miss Audrey as collateral to keep Wilford from retribution, but will that be enough to save all the characters sympathetic to Snowpiercer's cause still attached to Big Alice?

We'll find out, presumably, in Snowpiercer Season 3 should Layton and the crew successfully re-attach to the train as they planned. That season is still in production, so fans can, in the meantime, entertain themselves by reading up on the hilarious moment Jennifer Connelly had on set with the rat she was paired with in Season 2.

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