Why Working With Sean Bean On Snowpiercer Is 'Freeing', According To Daveed Diggs

Warning! The following contains spoilers for the Snowpiercer Season 2 episode "The Eternal Engineer." Read at your own risk!

Snowpiercer's Andre Layton prepared for a war with Mr. Wilford, but the latest episode proved it was all over before it even started. Wilford orchestrated a train crisis that only he could save, and in the process, won the support of the Snowpiercer train occupants. The revolution is seemingly over, and unfortunately, few seemed to notice or care.

Daveed Diggs' character noticed, of course, and audiences may have noticed he got as much screentime with Sean Bean's Wilford as he's had all season in the process. I spoke to Diggs about those scenes and asked what it was like to work with Bean in Season 2 and got a taste of what it's like to share a scene with one of television and film's greatest talents.

I mean Sean's just fearless you know, that's the best thing about working with him. He'll just go wherever the scene should go and he's unafraid to do different things on every take and it pulls that out of everyone else...Everybody has great scenes with Sean and it's because he takes the bumpers off the bowling alley and is like 'Roll it in the gutter if you have to.' It's really freeing and fun, and I think there's a tendency in TV, you can get sort of stuck in the thing that you do at the end of a long season or as the seasons progress. And it's nice to have new characters in there and people who are coming in without having everything figured out already because it infuses new energy into the show.

Sean Bean has had some wonderful scenes with whomever he's working with on Snowpiercer, and it seems that's not a coincidence based on what Daveed Diggs said. That's a great thing, considering the big bad looked poised to take control of Snowpiercer for the foreseeable future. Meanwhile, a defeated Layton was forced to relinquish command and surrender himself, with an uncertainty of what comes next for his character.

Obviously, any Snowpiercer fan can assume Layton's situation won't be good, especially given the episode's end. If Roche and his entire family were sent to the drawers just because he was Layton's enforcer, then the odds of Daveed Diggs' character getting simply locked away feel slim. It'll be interesting to see what other members of Snowpiercer's inner circle are punished under Wilford's rule or how aware he was of the vast conspiracy by the train to unseat him. I'm assuming so considering Miss Audrey's betrayal, though I'm not wholly convinced she's turned her back on the Snowpiercer crew just yet.

Snowpiercer's Season 2 finale airs Monday, March 29, in a special 2-hour event. Will the season end with Andre in shackles and Wilford running the show? I hope not, but with him arrested and Melanie still off train, I can't imagine what other option there may be.

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