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The Conners Fight Over Old Blockbuster DVDs In Hilarious New Clip

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As can be expected, The Conners has been showing the family having one hell of a time lately. The whole family has been dealing with the fallout from our current heath crisis, with Darlene and Becky having to take jobs at the Wellman Plastics factory, the newly re-opened Lunch Box being very short on much-needed customers, and Dan and Louise's romance taking a very serious turn for the worse when she tests positive for Covid. But! This family is nothing if not very capable of laughing through the bad times, and that's what we see them do when the show returns this week.

Dan is sticking by Louise with everything he has, so he's convinced Darlene, Jackie, and Becky to help him assemble a care package for her while she fights the virus. But, as you can see below, things take a hilarious turn when they begin to debate the supplies which have been added to that care package, and start to fight over old Blockbuster DVDs.

The clip is actually pretty timely, given there's been a lot of Blockbuster nostalgia lately and I'm totally remembering the era where movies had to play across multiple DVDs (or VHS tapes, if you want to go back even further). These days, we are living in a time where there is only one remaining Blockbuster, a sobering fact that would have probably felt like fiction if any of the Roseanne characters had been given a heads up on what the future would entail for movie rentals back in the '90s. Given the popularity of projects like Captain Marvel (which has its own Blockbuster moment) and the documentary The Last Blockbuster it's no surprise a throwback conversation of this ilk has now come up in a show like The Conners as well.

As for the rest of the episode? March 31's "Money, Booze and Lies" will feature Becky meeting up with "an old friend" and feeling "pressured to impress him." In addition, the other through-line in the plot will have Dan not totally certain about his hardware store work, and ABC is teasing what is described as "a massive fight" between Dan and Ben. This is all fairly serious sounding, but for the jokes, you'll have to tune in tonight.

The Conners is currently airing Season 3 on ABC and although the show has not been renewed for Season 4 yet, ratings have remained fairly steady across the last few episodes, so I'm holding out hope we’ll see the ensemble cast back on the air again next fall. In any case, we should be hearing more soon. We’re approaching the end of the spring TV season, which means the networks will start making calls in just a few weeks. For now, you can catch new episodes of The Conners on Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET, only on ABC.

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