Chicago Med: Could April's Heroic Actions Cost Her Job In Season 6?

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Spoilers ahead for Episode 10 of Chicago Med Season 6 on NBC, called "So Many Things We've Kept Buried."

Chicago Med returned from a brief break to deliver an episode that managed to cause even more conflict between Will and Ethan, expanded on Crockett's backstory, and set Maggie up to learn more about the daughter she gave up for adoption years ago, but the new story that might have big implications moving forward is April's. She saved a life and a limb before she was even on duty at Med, but I'm concerned that the impact on her could cost her job.

April happened upon a construction accident on the way to work, where a man was grievously injured but the paramedics seemed unlikely to arrive in time to save him. She stepped up and provided some care that would normally be done by a doctor, and while she saved his life on the scene, his status was uncertain enough when he got to Med that Lanik clearly thought that he would probably have to at least lose his leg because of April's actions.

Luckily, April's early blaming of herself proved to be unwarranted, as Lanik finished surgery and admitted that the man had lost more blood than he thought, and April's actions saved the life and the leg. While this is hardly the first time that April has saved a life on Chicago Med, the key moment happened when Lanik complimented her on her actions and said that she should have gone to med school.

As soon as I finished being offended on behalf of nurses everywhere that Lanik suggested that April doing something heroic meant that she should be a doctor instead of a nurse, I began to wonder if Chicago Med is planning on pulling an Abby Lockhart plot from ER with April and turn her from a nurse into a med student into a doctor. That is, until I saw the promo for the next episode of Chicago Med, and the tease for next week makes me wonder if her heroics and Lanik's suggestion mean that she's in danger of getting too confident and losing her job.

The promo for next week's episode, called "Letting Go Only To Come Together," reveals that Lanik will recruit April to work in the COVID ICU, which should allow her to return to the kind of work that she was mad at Ethan for making her leave early in Season 6. Unfortunately, something is seemingly going to go wrong and Lanik won't be able to get in in time, and April will do something that she's not allowed to do without a doctor's order. Afterward, Maggie demands to know what April was thinking because she could be fired for it.

I doubt that it's a coincidence that April doing something that is supposed to be done only by doctors will happen in the episode right after Lanik said that she should have been a doctor, and I'd be surprised if that moment from "So Many Things We've Kept Buried" doesn't at least appear in the recap montage at the beginning of the next episode.

Her successful act of heroism looks like it could backfire on her in the next episode, possibly with disastrous professional consequences. I won't rule out Med still turning this into a way to send April to med school, but the one thing that is certain is that April is going to get herself into some trouble next week. If she does go to med school, I just hope it doesn't happen like with Foster over on Chicago Fire and takes her off-screen so soon after losing Noah!

See what's next on Chicago Med with the new episode on Wednesday, April 7 at 8 p.m. ET ahead of Chicago Fire at 9 p.m. ET and Chicago P.D. at 10 p.m. ET to round out the full night of One Chicago action.

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