5 Massive The Falcon And The Winter Soldier Questions We’re Left With After Episode 4

Wyatt Rogers as John Walker Captain America in The Falcon And The Winter Soldier

Last week’s episode of The Falcon And The Winter Soldier ended with a notable cliffhanger, as Wakanda’s Dora Milaje showed up in Latvia to recapture Baron Zemo. The latest, titled “The Whole World Is Watching,” not only follows-up on that tease with an excellent fight sequence, but moves the story forward in major ways that should prove extremely consequential as we get into the miniseries’ final chapters. Of course, with big moves come some big questions, and in the wake of the latest installment from the Disney+ original, there are five that stick out in our minds.

There was quite a lot that happened in this episode of The Falcon And The Winter Soldier involving not only the titular characters, but also Baron Zemo, John Walker, and Karli Morgenthau. We definitely have at least an idea of where the miniseries is going, but there are still a few things that we’re not fully clear on, and will be curious about going into next week.

Wyatt Rogers as John Walker Captain America holding bloody shield in The Falcon And The Winter Soldier

How Is The World Going To Feel About John Walker After He Murders Someone?

It feels like it makes sense to start by discussing that shocking and gory final moment, right? In brief, John Walker kinda-sorta loses his mind after Karli Morgenthau kills his best friend with a punch to the chest, and after chasing a member of the Flag Smashers into the street John winds up chopping the guy’s head off with Captain America’s shield. It’s absolutely brutal – but what’s particularly fascinating about the situation is that a crowd of people are shown capturing the moment on video.

Before this episode, The Falcon And The Winter Soldier pretty well established that the new Captain America has been well-received by people around the world, but will video of him violently decapitating a guy start to change the way people think about him? And if it does, is it fair to assume that John Walker probably won’t respond well to the reaction? It definitely seems like there is some darkness ahead. And speaking of which…

Wyatt Rogers as John Walker Captain America in The Falcon And The Winter Soldier

Is John Walker Only At The Start Of His Descent?

An important development that absolutely must be discussed when talking about this latest episode of The Falcon And The Winter Soldier is that John Walker is now a super soldier. He wasn’t when he first accepted the Captain America uniform and shield, but he was able to pick up a serum vial dropped by Karli Morgenthau – and while we don’t actually see him take it, there’s no questioning that he did. The lingering question, therefore, is how it will continue to affect his brain from this point forward.

As noted in the episode, the design of the super soldier serum not only makes you strong, but also accentuates the person that you actually are. Steve Rogers made a great Captain America because nobody on Earth was more honest, humble, or self-sacrificing. John Walker doesn’t look like he is of the same make and model, and it could result in some scary issues. We’ve already seen him cut off a guy’s head in a rage, so who knows what else he is capable of.

Daniel Bruhl as Baron Zemo in The Falcon And The Winter Soldier

Where Did Zemo Escape To?

Have we seen the last of Baron Helmut Zemo in The Falcon And The Winter Soldier? Our big guess would be no, but that does exist as a very real possibility after the events that play out in “The Whole World Is Watching.” Zemo has proven himself nothing if not slippery, and thus when he sees an opportunity to make an exit while Sam, Bucky, John Walker and Lemar Hoskins are fighting the Dora Milaje, he takes it. Sneaking into the bathroom, he makes his escape via a hidden tunnel – but where exactly did he go?

Following his breakout from prison, Zemo is surely a wanted man the world over, but what makes him particularly scary in that situation is the fact that he has plenty of resources. With his money, he could potentially disappear forever, and not have to spend one more day in prison. That being said, since The Winter Soldier was the one who basically let him escape, we’re keeping hope alive that the heroes will be able to recapture him and put him back where he belongs before The Falcon And The Winter Soldier is over.

Karli Morgenthau at a funeral in The Falcon And The Winter Soldier

Does Karli Morgenthau Have To Die?

Karli Morgenthau is slowly emerging as one of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s most intriguing antagonists – mostly because her viewpoint is so understandable and relatable that even Sam Wilson fully understands where she is coming from. After The Blip, she watched as the world came together as a community so that people could start to rebuild, but after The Blip was reversed things just returned to the terrible ways of the past. Karli has strong ideals and the passion necessary to take action, but the problem is that she is also a murderer.

She may call herself a revolutionary, but her history of killing innocent people definitely doesn’t make “terrorist” an unfair term – and it makes us wonder what fate has in store for her in The Falcon And The Winter Soldier. The fact that she’s a super soldier makes her a serious threat, and it’s entirely believable that she is the kind of person who will never give up her cause, and will choose to fight to the death. The question of whether or not she has to die is one that probably won’t be resolved until the finale, but this latest episode definitely has us thinking about it.

Emily Van Camp as Sharon Carter in The Falcon And The Winter Soldier

Who Is The Power Broker?

Taking a step back from plot-centric questions, we’d also like to take a moment and discuss the mysterious figure known as The Power Broker. Based in Madripoor, the shadowy figure is apparently behind the whole operation to generate more super soldier serum, and it’s likely they will become a much bigger part of the plot moving forward given that Karli Morgenthau lost all of the remaining vials. Frankly, we’re really excited to see them show up, because we’re incredibly curious to discover who they are – and who they are played by.

Is it possible that The Falcon And The Winter Soldier has some kind of surprise cameo lined up to play The Power Broker in the final episodes? Is it possible that it’s a character that we already know who has taken on a new moniker? All we have are questions right now, and zero answers, so it’s definitely a source of anticipation as the rest of the miniseries unfolds.

We can’t be sure that all of these questions will be answered in next week’s episode of The Falcon And The Winter Soldier, but we’re keeping our fingers crossed for some exciting developments that lead the miniseries to one hell of a finale. The penultimate chapter is almost here, and you can be sure that we’ll be tuning in to Disney+ on Friday, April 16 at midnight PST/3am EST to find out what happens – and you can expect more of our coverage in the immediate wake of it landing.

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