Law And Order: SVU's Bonus Rollisi Scene Shows There's Hope For Rollins And Carisi Yet

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Spoilers ahead for the April 15 episode of Law & Order: SVU on NBC, called "Our Words Will Not Be Heard."

Law & Order: SVU delivered a case that was dark even by SVU standards with "Our Words Will Not Be Heard" and almost all hands were on deck, but Rollins was nowhere to be seen due to her family emergency at the end of last week's episode, and there was so much going on that SVU didn't revisit the awkward Rollins/Carisi scene that saw Carisi almost drop a bombshell on her. Fortunately for fans of the Rollisi dynamic – whether as friends, coworkers, or potential love interests – a bonus scene reveals there's hope for them yet.

At the end of last week's episode, Rollins had to rush off to Atlanta after getting the news that her dad had a stroke and was all alone, cutting Carisi off right when he was about the drop the news that he's been seeing somebody. Carisi immediately brushed off the awkwardness to encourage her and promise to take care of what needs to be taken care of on the New York side of things. In a bonus scene that didn't make it into "Our Words Will Not Be Heard," we get a Rollisi scene to update on their current status quo with each other...sort of. Take a look!

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Rollins may not have appeared in this bonus scene courtesy of the SVU Writers Room Twitter account, and Kelli Giddish didn't even have a voiceover, but there was a phone call scene that let viewers in on Carisi's side as he cooked up a storm in Rollins' apartment with young Jesse serving as adorable sauce-stirring sous-chef. Whatever awkwardness he let leak through into their interaction in the previous episode was nowhere to be seen, as he promised to drop Jesse off at her mom's, sent his best wishes to her dad, and – in true caretaker Carisi fashion – reminded her to wear her mask.

This bonus scene is meant to be part of "Our Words Will Not Be Heard," and the episode showed that Carisi's relationship with Nicole is strong enough to endure some serious strain, so I take it as a good sign that Carisi is still willing and able to be the same kind of friend and partner he has been for Rollins over the years, even after moving to a position as an A.D.A., while also being in a relationship with Nicole. I take this scene as proof that there's hope for Rollisi to be as close and caring as ever, no matter the nature of their relationship. Besides, Carisi deserves something stable in his life, if this is what he wants.

I actually prefer them as best of friends and love Carisi's dynamic with Rollins' daughters, so I'll be happy as long as they stay on good terms with each other, and this episode combined with the bonus scene shows me that there is every reason to hope that SVU can continue to deliver what makes them so appealing, even if that means not delivering anything more.

Either way, I'm just glad that this duo is avoiding some drama, when the Benson/Stabler tension spans two shows at this point! The next episode will feature Kelli Giddish again with the return of her dad, so be sure to tune in to NBC on Thursday, April 22 to see more of Law & Order: SVU.

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