What Manifest's Big Two-Parter Means For Law And Order: SVU

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Spoilers ahead for Episode 4 of Manifest Season 3, called "Tailspin."

Manifest didn't hold back in advancing the plot in "Tailspin," though it remains to be seen if that's for better or worse for the survivors of Flight 828. Ben and Saanvi reunited with Vance at the secret Eureka operation while Michaela and Zeke continued to work on the Callings. Ben was appalled to discover that Vance had the body of an 828 passenger more or less on ice, and his theory that they'd died and been resurrected gained more weight. Manifest is going to deliver something big next week, and oddly enough, it means something for Law & Order: SVU.

Manifest returns next week with not just one episode, but with both halves of a two-parter that will expand the mythology of the series even further in the third season. That's great news for Manifest fans, but not so great for fans who count on an hour of Law & Order:SVU as part of their Thursday night. The two episodes of Manifest will air at 8 p.m. ET and 9 p.m. ET, which means no new SVU at 9 p.m.

Viewers will get a double dose of Manifest on April 29, and no SVU. Law & Order: Organized Crime will also take the week off, which at least means SVU and Organized Crime will continue maintaining pace with each other and can keep any and all crossovers making sense for both shows.

As for Manifest, some exciting things seem to be on the way with what showrunner Jeff Rake is hyping on Twitter as a "back-to-back two-parter" next week, which starts with an episode called "Water Landing" at 8 p.m., followed by the forebodingly-titled "Graveyard Special" episode at 9 p.m.

According to the episode descriptions for the two episodes, Manifest viewers aren't going to want to miss either hour of the two-parter. Here's what's happening with "Water Landing" to start the night on NBC on April 29:

Michaela’s premonition leads her to pursue a fugitive. Ben tries to gain the trust of an unlikely ally. Olive’s relationship with Levi leads to a fascinating discovery. Jared and Drea uncover devastating secrets. Saanvi finds herself faced with a dilemma that may jeopardize the Eureka project.

Michaela is no stranger to premonitions by this point on Manifest, but pursuing a fugitive definitely isn't something that she has had to do on a weekly basis. The meth heads are fast approaching their death dates and slowly drowning from the inside, like Zeke was slowly freezing to death last season, so her plot could well be wrapped up in them. Ben could use all the allies he can get after his discoveries at Eureka this week, not long after he had to go off the grid. As for Jared and Drea, I'm beginning to see a connection that could help him move on from Michaela!

The night will continue with "Graveyard Special" as the second half of the two-parter, and it's possible that the title of the episode is as foreboding as it seems. Here's what's happening, according to the episode description:

As Mick and Zeke finally collide with Jace in a grueling match to survive, Ben races against the clock to save his family. When they all converge in an intense battle, the fallout will reveal a massive new clue regarding the fate of Passengers.

With Ben racing to save his family, it sounds like at least one of the meth heads might discover the location of Grace and Cal, but it's hard to predict what will happen in the second half of the two-parter without first seeing the first! Fortunately, the wait for more Manifest isn't too much longer, even if that's not the case for Law & Order: SVU and Organized Crime. Take a look at the trailer for what's on the way:

Tune in to NBC on Thursday, April 29 starting at 8 p.m. ET to see what happens next for Michaela, Ben, and the rest on Manifest. For more viewing options now and in the coming weeks, check out our 2021 spring premiere schedule.

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