Manifest's Ben Goes Off The Grid For Help With A Dangerous Calling In New Episode Clip

Manifest hit the ground running with its return to NBC for Season 3, adding new layers to the complex mythology and presenting new challenges for the Stone siblings after the time jump. In the next episode, Ben is going to have to reach out to an 828 passenger who hasn't turned up on the show just yet, and for good reason. An exclusive episode clip (seen above) reveals Ben's first meeting with this newcomer living "off the grid" while facing what could be a dangerous Calling. Can they work together?

In the Manifest episode that airs on April 15 at 8 p.m. ET on NBC, called "Wingman," a Calling brings Ben out in search of the fellow 828 passenger who shared the vision but hasn't had a part to play in the series to date. The clip reveals that Eagen, who has the unusual gift of a photographic memory, went off the grid after losing everything due to the five years away and solves his Callings on his own.

Ben had to resort to a newspaper article about Eagen's chess expertise to find him, and Eagen didn't seem all that interested in pursuing their shared Calling with any haste until Ben mentioned seeing a kid who didn't appear in Eagen's vision. So why didn't Eagen see the same kid that Ben did, why does Ben think the kid's life is in danger, and what is all the "art stuff" that Eagen saw?

For those answers and more, viewers will have to wait until "Wingman" airs on NBC, but it's already clear that Ben is in for an unconventional partnership when it comes to this Calling. Eagen living off the grid and making money with his dazzling chess skills make him a far cry from the people that Ben usually works with, and it seems that Ben may have to focus on a local Calling this week as opposed to what's happening with the 828 tailfin.

Of course, the only reason Ben is still in the city is that news of the discovered tailfin got out before he and Olive could join Grace and Cal safely off-the-grid in their own way with Grace's stepbrother, and Olive will be on her own mission in "Tailfin." According to the episode description, she'll be exploring ancient mythology with the goal of helping all the passengers.

As somebody whose father, twin brother, and aunt are all dealing with the Callings and facing death dates (for now, at least), it's not hard to see why Olive would be going above and beyond! She joined forces with Angelina in last week's episode to investigate Callings. Whether or not Ben will be a fan of Olive getting proactive in this new way remains to be seen; based on the episode clip, he'll have plenty on his plate with teaming up with Eagen.

See what Manifest has fully in store for Ben and the rest when "Wingman" airs on Thursday, April 15 at 8 p.m. ET on NBC. The show is still dealing with the fallout of the huge developments in the Season 2 finale, ranging from Michaela and Zeke's relationship now that he isn't dying to Saanvi killing The Major and the role that Jared has to play after everything that went down at the end of last season.

Laura Hurley
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