Former American Idol Contestant Is Having A Second Brain Surgery And Needs Help

American Idol star Avalon Young screenshot

The potential that the internet and social media have to do good never ceases to amaze, from lessening the blow of losses to spreading awareness of injustices. One American Idol alum is in great need for that goodness due to her need for a second brain surgery after being diagnosed with cancer, and there is a way you and others can help.

American Idol Season 15 contestant Avalon Young has been diagnosed with brain cancer at just 26-years-old. The singer/songwriter has undergone one surgery where part of a brain tumor was removed, but now she needs another surgery. There is a GoFundMe set up in her honor, and there is still a ways to go until the fund reaches its goal, which is still probably nowhere near the cost of her medical bills.

As of the time of writing, Avalon Young’s GoFundMe page is just a little over than 75% funded. While that is very impressive, that means she still has over $20,000 left to go to reach her goal of $100,000. The fund has been active for two months and it’s pretty wonderful that over $75,000 has been raised for the young artist, but the newest update about the second surgery was just a week ago and there is still time to reach her total goal before she undergoes the next stage of fighting her battle.

Avalon Young’s second surgery is set for May 27th, so there may be a month before we get another update on how her battle is progressing - until then, she and her support group are asking for help to raise the rest of the money. The page says that since Young is an independent artist and is self-supporting, her insurance is minimal.

This is a struggle that a lot of people can relate to if they have any kind of major health issue. Like the GoFundMe page states, every little bit will help, but there are some supporters who have donated pretty large sums. The largest donation is $5,000 and some are a few hundred dollars, but it appears that the average person is donating around $10 or $20. No matter how little a person has to share, though, they all have a message of encouragement for Young in the face of such a tough battle.

Our hearts here at CinemaBlend go out to Avalon Young, her loved ones, and anyone else who has been affected by a fight with cancer. Young’s story is one that reminds us once again that cancer can happen to anyone, even someone as young and seemingly healthy as the singer. However, for how bad things can get sometimes, people banding together to help a good cause is a little bit of light during the dark times.

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