Kelly Osbourne Shares Blunt Thoughts On Cancel Culture After Mom Sharon's Abrupt Exit From The Talk

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Last month, Sharon Osbourne was accused of making racist comments towards former co-hosts Julie Chen and Sara Gilbert by former co-star Leah Remini. After the news broke, a separate story went viral over a confusing sequence of events with co-host Sheryl Underwood about whether or not they had touched base after the accusations were made. Amidst all the brouhaha, Sharon Osbourne exited the CBS talk show. Now, her daughter Kelly Osbourne is speaking out on cancel culture just a short time after her own mother was caught in the crosshairs.

Although Kelly Osbourne didn’t directly speak out about her mother’s departure from The Talk, the TV personality did speak out about a particular topic. In a recent interview, Osbourne shared her thoughts about “cancel culture,” in which people are abruptly thrown out of social or professional circles, mainly online. Osbourne says she is not into cancel culture and would rather use a different form of culture to set things in the right direction, telling Extra:

I didn't know what was really going on in this country because I just thought that simply being not racist was enough. It’s not, it's actually not, you have to be actively not racist and educate yourself and learn, and don't be afraid to make a mistake, everybody's so afraid of cancel culture I say fuck cancel culture. It’s all about counsel culture… educate people, teach people… a gentle nudge in the right direction is so much better than a public execution.

Kelly Osbourne is not the first celebrity to share her thoughts on cancel culture. Last year, Hamilton’s Phillipa Soo gave advice to those facing cancel culture online, saying they should work to earn back people’s respect by owning up to the thing that cancelled them in the first place. Meanwhile, Kevin Hart has revealed his feelings and given his own advice. He said that no one is perfect and it’s just an opportunity to get back up and try again.

More and more celebrities are speaking out about it, but it's still a major part of the online conversation. As for the Osbourne family, in the past they've been known for being quite outspoken about a number of topics. Kelly Osbourne herself has dealt with her fair share of controversies, from getting kicked out of a movie theater for swearing to having her own controversy over a comment about the Latino community. (She later apologized.)

Kelly Osbourne’s comments this week stand out as they came after her famous mother has been making headlines. On her own, she's been making recent headlines related to her weight loss and sobriety, so it's not all drama for the Osbourne family these days.

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