Surprise, Kelly Osbourne Confirms She's Dropped A Bunch Of Weight Again

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While many people struggle with healthy eating habits and maintaining a weight that keeps them feeling good and allows them to be active, few of us have to do that while in the public eye. Kelly Osbourne has been doing exactly that, though, and dealing with ups and downs in her weight since her time on the hit MTV reality series The Osbournes when she was just a teenager. But, Osbourne has just confirmed a whopper of a weight loss on social media.

Kelly Osbourne is very active on Instagram, and has been showing off some seriously fashionable posts lately. But, one in particular caught the eye of follower Mamma Mai (the now internet famous mom of The Real host Jeannie Mai), and prompted Mai to comment on how much weight it appeared that Osbourne had lost. The purple-haired former Dancing With the Stars competitor then replied by announcing that she'd lost 85 pounds since she last saw Mai. While it's not clear how long ago that was, that's a lot of weight, and you can see for yourself just how banging Osbourne looks by checking out that post:

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Even though Kelly Osbourne is fully covered in the above selfie, it's pretty clear that the outspoken reality star is smaller than she has been in recent years. If you compare her face in the Instagram shot to how her face looked in the screenshot at the top of this article, which was taken from an interview Osbourne did in May 2019, you can see that it's much smaller now than it was a little over a year ago.

While many of the comments on the post went on to ask Osbourne to share how she lost the weight, it doesn't seem like she's responded to those requests directly yet, and there could be several reasons why. Many of us are still quarantining pretty hard, and not doing things like going to the gym or seeing personal trainers. Plus, many people have simply had a difficult time being motivated to do much of anything beyond what they absolutely have to right now. Osbourne has been very open and supportive of people with mental health issues, so she might not want to make it seem like she's pressuring anyone else by sharing how she lost weight.

Also, as mentioned above, Kelly Osbourne has lost lots of weight in the past, so she knows how difficult it can be to lose and keep off. While competing on Dancing With the Stars in the fall of 2009, Osbourne realized how poorly she'd been eating after her stint in rehab for drug addiction ended earlier that year. Her dance partner, Louis van Amstel, helped her figure out how to eat healthier food and she ended up losing 20 pounds while competing on the show, and eventually took that even further once the show ended and lost a total of 50 pounds.

But, as many of us can attest to, sometimes even when you have all the resources at your disposal it can be hard to stick with healthier choices (especially in stressful times), and it seems that Kelly Osbourne got to a place, once again, where she felt it was time to drop some habits that had led to weight gain she didn't like. Maybe her time performing in that ladybug costume on The Masked Singer helped her gain some perspective.

You can take a look at the thinner Kelly Osbourne in action on the new E! series Celebrity Call Center, but for more to watch in the coming weeks, check out our guide to fall TV!

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