How Sharon Osbourne Allegedly Feels About Her Exit From The Talk

For over a decade, Sharon Osbourne was a constant staple on CBS' The Talk as other co-hosts came and went, but her recent disagreement with co-host Sheryl Underwood led to her departure from the talk show. The incident itself stemmed from Osbourne's views on Piers Morgan's disparaging comments about Meghan Markle. Since her departure, Osbourne herself has remained silent about her exit from the chatfest, but sources have now come forward, alleging how the former TV host really feels about her exit from her longtime post on the talk show.

Sharon Osbourne’s dismissal from The Talk was beginning to become more apparent as the weeks went on. As the show’s hiatus continued and more allegations came out against her, Osbourne’s return became more questionable. Reportedly, the legendary music manager is hurt and disappointed by her exit after being labeled a “racist,” according to a source. The insider told Us Weekly:

Sharon is bitterly disappointed at how it all played out. Her whole career has been based on not holding back, speaking her mind and championing free speech — so to be classified or perceived as a bigot or a racist is a sickening scenario and an utter nightmare for her, especially since she insists up and down it’s all a pack of lies and that’s the last thing she is.

According to the Us Weekly source, Sharon Osbourne has been leaning on her family during this time. Allegedly, her loved ones believed the former co-host was used as a scapegoat by ViacomCBS. The source told the publication:

Her family is supporting her too and it tears them all apart seeing her suffer like this. They think it’s a big stitch-up and she’s been hung out to dry for something she hasn’t done or believed in.

In the past, the Osbournes have been shown to be a tight-knit group. Sharon Osbourne’s frequent adoration of her husband and children alone shows the family has a relatively strong bond. Such love and support will likely like mean a lot to the family matriarch as she experiences another difficult situation.

Before her exit from The Talk, Sharon Osbourne was the last remaining co-host from the talk show’s inaugural season. Despite some occasional flare-ups, Osbourne and her co-hosts seemed to have a chemistry that extended off the set. There were many times when the women would speak on their after-work outings and their off-screen friendship. Oftentimes, the stories would center around Osbourne’s silly moments or misunderstandings. But ultimately, Osbourne appeared to be the mother hen of the group. With this, the tense disagreement between Osbourne and co-host Sheryl Underwood likely came as a surprise to viewers.

It's currently unclear as to what lies ahead for Sharon Osbourne following her departure from The Talk. And at the time of this writing, the CBS show has also not given any indication as to who will take over for Osbourne.

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