What NCIS' Wilmer Valderrama Thinks Arrow Vet Katrina Law's New Character Means For Torres

NCIS is nearing the end of Season 18, but we thankfully no longer have to worry about the future, since Season 19 is definitely on the way, with lots of big stuff on the horizon. Before the season comes to an end, however, Arrow vet Katrina Law will be debuting her new character Special Agent Jessica Knight in the May 18 episode, with the potential to recur more in the future beyond her two-episode stint. While we don't know quite what to expect yet, beyond what she'll look like in the role, star Wilmer Valderrama is teasing what her arrival means for Torres.

Wilmer Valderrama, who has portrayed Special Agent Nick Torres since 2016, has already had the pleasure of working with Katrina Law, and it sounds like the dynamic between Torres and Jessica will be an unexpected one. The actor told TVLine what fans can expect from the two special agents, and I think it's safe to say not to expect Jessica Knight to be Torres' polar opposite. Valderrama explained:

She’s a lovely woman, very talented. It’s fun to have new elements come into play, because that’s when things can boil up a bit. I think that she and Torres are go to have a lot in common. You’re going to see our characters dynamically be in a place where they can complement each other in the field.

With Jessica Knight coming into the picture, what does this mean for the spark that has finally been igniting between Torres and Bishop? The two characters have definitely been getting closer this season, especially after some big moments both of them have gone through, and fans are eating it up. Even though the finale airs on May 25, just one week after Jessica’s introduced, there will most likely still be some heartfelt scenes for Torres and Bishop on the way. But could Jessica be getting into the way of a potential relationship years in the making?

Meanwhile, this isn’t Katrina Law’s first time on a beloved CBS procedural. The actress joined the cast of Hawaii Five-0 for its tenth season, replacing a long-time and beloved character. Before that, she was part of police drama Training Day. So with all the badass roles she’s already earned, there’s no doubt she’s going to fit right into the NCIS franchise. And if all involved are pleased with her impact, it's likely she could return in Season 19 for more.

While it’s not uncommon for TV characters to be introduced right at the end of a season, it’s not exactly common, either. It will definitely be interesting to see Jessica trying to quickly build up a dynamic with the team as the season ends and sets up the story for Season 19. While the upcoming season is obviously still months away, it’s never too soon to start theorizing and predicting what could possibly happen.

So it seems like these early days for Jessica and Torres' partnership will be something to look out for. Could this be the start of something new blossoming, or is this strictly just a professional relationship with all signs still pointing towards Torres and Bishop? I know where I want that arrow to be pointing. (Nailed it.)

Katrina Law’s first episode of NCIS will hit CBS on Tuesday, May 18, at 8 p.m. EST.

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