NCIS Star Wilmer Valderrama Promises A ‘Big Moment’ For Bishop And Torres, But When?

Nick Torres and Ellie Bishop on NCIS

For years now, NCIS has teased a potential romantic relationship between Emily Wickersham’s Ellie Bishop and Wilmer Valderrama’s Nick Torres. Granted, these two are definitely a lot closer than when Valderrama joined the series in Season 14, but over the course of Season 18, it’s looking more likely that the spark between the NCIS agents could finally ignite. For those invested in that aspect of the CBS series, Valderrama has promised that a “big moment” is coming.

During an interview with TV Line about what’s coming up on NCIS, Wilder Valderrama was asked about January episode “1mm,” and whether the potential for something to have occurred between Nick Torres and Ellie Bishop there that the audience didn’t see, along with the show’s lengthy time jump to take its characters into the COVID-19 pandemic, meant there was some light to be shed about these two characters’ dynamic. Valderrama answered with the following:

Definitely this season, we will crack that. We’re coming to a crossroads for these two characters where they have to really be honest about who they are to each other and who they are to themselves. That’s something that I think the writers have done very well, in a breadcrumb type of way. The question of what they are outside of the badge is something that will be addressed this season. There is a big moment they are going to experience — and who knows, is it the moment they wanted, or a moment they didn’t want? [Laughs] Should they not break a Gibbs Rule, or should they just go for it? We’re going to play with that notion, and since there are only a few episodes left, I would say it’s coming up soon!

In case you need a refresher on “1mm,” that NCIS episode followed Nick Torres and Ellie Bishop investigating a lead on an arms smuggling case, only for them to end up locked in prison cells at the abandoned home of a former sheriff, and then Bishop ending up accidentally stepping on a pressure-sensitive bomb trigger. This episode followed directly after “Head of the Snake,” which saw Bishop nearly dying from a plane explosion. More recently, she and Torres had a nice hug moment at the end of “Winter Chill” as they grappled with the death of Emily Fornell, with Torres buying Bishop a burrito from one of her favorite food carts, and her hugging him for comfort. Oh yeah, the vibes between these two are stronger than ever.

As for when we’ll see Ellie Bishop and Nick Torres finally getting honest with each other, Wilder Valderrama didn’t provide a specific time table. Tonight’s NCIS episode, “Sangre,” will see viewers meeting Torres’ dad, Miguel (played by Steven Bauer), so there might not be enough time for Torres’ relationship with Bishop to significantly evolve during that story. And as Valderrama noted, there’s only a handful episodes left on the way, with the NCIS Season 18 finale airing on May 25. Whatever lies in store for Torres and Bishop’s personal relationship, name if they will indeed become romantically involved, fans can at least take comfort it won’t mark the final chapter of their story, as NCIS will return for Season 19 with Mark Harmon in tow.

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