Local Weather Report Gets Super Trippy Thanks To Hilarious Technical Glitch

Fox 9 meteorologist experiencing a trippy tech glitch during a live broadcast

Live television is live television, and anything can happen from inappropriate flubs to prompters and cameras going down to unexpected moments. A local Fox affiliate in Minneapolis-St. Paul had to deal with the latter. Things go a little psychedelic during an evening broadcast and went viral. Due to a technical glitch, the local weather report got super (and hilariously) trippy.

Most local weather reports are mundane as residents try to find out whether they need an umbrella or break out the shorts for the week. But not this broadcast as Fox 9 meteorologist Jennifer McDermed's typical weather report went sideway. As McDermed talked about local temperatures, the weather graphics started to morph and change as a technical glitch led to multiples of the television meteorologist. While taken aback at first, the Fox 9 meteorologist soon joined in on the fun. Check out the trippy weather broadcast below:

While the Fox meteorologist played along, she did admit to getting a headache from the psychedelic trip. Jennifer McDermed did find some humor at the moment as she claimed to annoy herself when talking with her co-anchors. If she got a headache from the bizarre television moment, imagine the shock for local viewers.

Some viewers might’ve gotten a little motion sickness from the graphics, all things considered. For others, it might’ve been an exciting trip for them. The glitchy graphics looked as if they came courtesy of some 1970s television special or movie poster. Think of the Snoop Dogg music video for “Sensual Seduction” – grainy screen and all. Now, that’s a trippy experience.

Despite the unplanned psychedelic trip, the glitch spiced up an otherwise regular weather report. As previously mentioned, the trippy weather broadcast went viral. Again, the nature of live television can lead to moments like this. It’s honestly surprising that these moments don’t happen more often. Just like humans, technology comes with flaws no matter how advanced it becomes over time. Maybe more unexpected moments like the glitch will make local news more interesting.

Live television in the last few years has been surprising, to say the least. Events like the Super Bowl festivities and Grammys have experienced some awkward and shocking moments. But the biggest perpetrator of this trend has been the Oscars. Whether it’s the Moonlight/La La Land snafu or the Best Actor fiasco, the film awards event has become more known for its flubs than the actual winners.

With traditional television viewership declining in recent years, it’s moments like the trippy weather report that prove there is still a place for watching television in real-time. With that said, let’s hope that moment never happens again for the Fox 9 team and the viewers’ sake.

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