With The Boys Spinoff Coming, Sony Boss Talks The Blacklist And Good Doctor Follow-Ups

The Blacklist and The Good Doctor

While some networks have recently confirmed the futures of some of their longest-running series like NCIS on CBS and Grey's Anatomy on ABC, Sony TV boss Jeff Frost is looking ahead to potential spinoffs of certain series. With Sony expanding more into streaming territory with The Boys and its new upcoming spinoff, Jeff Frost talked about popular broadcast series The Blacklist and The Good Doctor, both of which are still going strong with plenty of questions, and the possibility of more follow-up series.

Both ABC's The Good Doctor and NBC's The Blacklist have been renewed for another season, The Blacklist for its ninth season (although no one is probably surprised by that) and The Good Doctor for its fifth season, and it really doesn’t look like there is an end coming in the near future for either series. According to Deadline, Sony TV President Jeff Frost says that it is his hope that both series would continue on and there would be “many more seasons of both shows”.

The Blacklist has already expanded into one spinoff with The Blacklist: Redemption, although it only lasted one season. Even though the spinoff didn’t end up being a longterm series, it doesn’t sound like future spinoffs have been ruled out. Jeff Frost says that while they need to see how the next season of the main series goes, "anything is possible" when it comes to potential future spinoffs.

The Good Doctor, on the other hand, does not yet have any spinoffs. This could be because it is a younger show, or that the network just isn’t ready to expand on that particular series yet. Whatever the reason may be, the Sony boss isn’t ruling that possibility out either. He says that not only is it “always a possibility”, but that he would actually love to do a The Good Doctor spinoff in the future. Even with the desire there, Frost stresses the importance of not wanting "to do anything that is going to impact the mothership" in a negative way.

It sounds like the life of the series Sony TV already has going is pretty important to the company, but Jeff Frost does indeed make it seem like the company sees great value in franchises, and if given the opportunity, would make a number of new spinoff series. For right now, though, it seems they are focusing their efforts on expanding their streaming presence with the renewal of The Boys and its upcoming spinoff series.

Although there isn’t yet a release date for Season 3 of The Boys or its spinoff series, fans of the other Sony TV series The Blacklist and The Good Doctor will be pleased that both have been renewed and are expected to return in the fall.

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