Sophie Turner Celebrated Pride Month And Now Fans Think She’s Bisexual

Sansa Stark looking fierce in Game of Thrones HBO still, Sophie Turner

Sophie Turner’s social media has been a lot of Joe Jonas and selfies, but this week she came out to celebrate Pride Month and did so with a rainbow-filled post that came complete with a comment mentioning not being “straight.” Of course, the Internet’s going to be the Internet, which means a lot of fans reacted to the post to talk about Sophie Turner specifically bringing up bi pride and speculating what that could mean.

If the Internet is going to speculate about anything, I’d rather it be celebrating Sophie Turner’s rainbow-colored Instagram Stories post than up to anything negative. (OK, I'd also be cool with speculating over Sansa and Game of Thrones fan theories, if we’re being completely honest, but this is fun, too.) Here’s her post for June, aka Pride Month.

sophie turner pride month post

As soon as the comment “time isn't straight and neither am I" dropped, many people on the interwebs latched on to the Story post and shared their own thoughts on the matter. Particularly, the little “Bi Pride” heart bubble was discussed by Sophie Turner’s fanbase, which seemed to think that Turner could specifically be referring to herself.

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Others took more of a meme-filled approach to celebrating Sophie Turner’s potential bombshell on the internet. There's so much to unpack with the Arrested Development meme (RIP Jessica Walter), but you can take a look at another fan response below.

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One person just found out about the possible reveal, joking that if it is true, it’s pretty poor form that Sophie Turner may be bisexual and chose Joe Jonas instead of her.

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And if the Instagram Stories comment does have a deeper meaning, some Game of Thrones fans now feel this should be canon for Sansa Stark too. This is probably my favorite take on all of the response, for sure.

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Pride Month will be celebrated through all of June and Sophie Turner's fun post certainly kicked off the month on an intriguing note. I guess it shouldn't be a shock; Sophie Turner turns heads on the Internet quite often, whether she’s sharing updates on her career, selfies in a variety of solid outfits, or images with husband Joe Jonas, her pups and more. In fact, just a couple of days before she celebrated Pride Month, she also got bangs, which also obviously blew up all over the Internet, too.

Sophie Turner also has a new series in the works over at HBO -- not the GOT prequel, but another project -- so she should be keeping busy in the coming months. That one's called The Staircase and will be about a mysterious death in a North Carolina family. Of course, we'll keep you updated if she has any more bombshell reveals, both of the casting and personal life varieties.

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