How The Neighbors Feel About Josh Duggar’s Third Party Residence While He’s Out On Bail Facing Child Pornography Charges

Josh Duggar has been out on bail for a few weeks now, but he wasn’t released to the home of his parents Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, as the patriarch of the family had reportedly requested during an earlier hearing. Instead, he was released to the home of family friends The Rebers, who have a large property in Arkansas. But how do The Rebers' neighbors actually feel about Duggar being so close?

One neighbor, Jason Gemeiner, actually spoke to The Sun recently and explained his feelings on the matter, noting that he has a teenaged daughter at home. He told that outlet:

I’m a little concerned, but there is not much I can do about it.I have a teen daughter so that’s my concern, but she's a strong girl! We’re spread apart. There is a horse pasture in between us. It’s not like we interact. Everyone keeps to themselves.

The property where Josh Duggar is currently staying is indeed large, with public property records noting that LaCount and Maria Reber live on nine acres currently, with Geimeiner even noting the “horse pasture” separating his family’s property from the other. Still, things have not always been totally copacetic since Josh Duggar moved onto the property. Reportedly, it’s easy for media and other folks to get nearby, and the cops were even called shortly after Duggar moved in after a neighbor felt unsafe over a car that was lingering on or near their property.

Jason Gemeiner went on to reveal that he’d heard about Josh Duggar coming to stay with LaCount and Maria Reber; however, he did note that they had reached out on a personal level as well.

They told us Josh is staying with them. I found out before they told us but I appreciated them telling us.

Josh Duggar was originally arrested at the tail-end of April one count of receipt of child pornography and one count of possession of child pornography. Homeland security was involved in the case. At the time of the initial arrest, news also broke that Duggar’s place of work had been raided in November of 2019 as part of “an ongoing federal investigation.”

When Josh Duggar was due for bail, a federal agent who was on the case noted the images that were alleged to have been downloaded on Josh Duggar's computer were among the "worst" the Homeland Security Investigations Special Agent, Gerald Faulkner, had ever seen prior. Josh Duggar is due back in court in early July.

This isn’t the first time Josh Duggar has been in trouble in the public eye. He also was booted from his family TV family in a sense after 19 Kids and Counting was cancelled and his famous sisters, including Jessa Duggar Seewald, started their own series Counting On. That cancellation came after reports broke that Josh Duggar in the early 2000s had molested some young women, some of whom were his sisters. Duggar had also been in the news after his name and information had been found on the cheating website Ashley Madison during a hack. During this most recent incident, some family members have commented, including sending prayers.

Jessica Rawden
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