After Josh Duggar Moved Into Home On Bail Following Child Pornography Charges, The Cops Were Called

After a bail hearing related to Josh Duggar and the two counts of child pornography-related charges the former reality star is facing, he was released on bail. However, though Jim Bob Duggar reportedly wanted Josh released to the family home in Arkansas, he was instead surrendered to a third party home. Now, news has broken indicating that shortly after Duggar moved, the cops were called.

Where Josh Duggar is staying is not exactly a secret. Reports have shown he was released into the care of Lacount and Maria Reber, Arkansas residents and family friends of the Duggar clan. They reside on a large property that does have neighbors, though those neighbors are not super close. In fact, one neighbor previously told The Sun there’s a horse pasture between their two properties. So, there's lots of space separating residents.

Still, though the neighbors knew Josh Duggar would be underfoot, they may not have accounted for the additional traffic that would come from having the 19 Kids and Counting Star in close proximity. In fact, early in May -- just two days after Josh Duggar had been moved to the temporary place of residence in Elkins, Arkansas -- police were called. The reason? A suspicious car had been underfoot on property.

KNWA obtained audio of the 911 phone call placed related to the property, which features a caller noting “I don’t feel safe’ after a car had been on or near their property multiple times. Police allegedly caught up with the owner of the car, who said he was a media person and who noted he was not parked on personal property.

People nosing about has been a real concern in relation to the Duggar arrest and subsequent bail situation, not just with the neighbors but allegedly with dad Jim Bob as well. A report over at The Sun spoke to an outside source, who says that Jim Bob Duggar is “very concerned” for Josh’s well-being during this time. That unnamed source noted:

Jim Bob is doing everything he can for Josh, and he's worried about the attention on him and the family.He's concerned about photographers in town covering the case, and anyone who might want to hurt Josh because of the crimes he's accused of.

Separately, that report indicates that Jim Bob Duggar may be thinking of building a fence around the property Josh Duggar is currently staying at. Duggar would pay for the fence on the Reber's property, according to reports.

It’s unclear if the fence thing will actually come to fruition. However, we do know that Josh Duggar’s trial is expected to kick off next month in court, so it's unclear how much longer he will be on the Reber property. We’ll keep you updated as more details continue coming out related to one count of receipt of child pornography and one count of possession of child pornography charges.

Jessica Rawden
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