Chrissy Teigen Is Dropping Yet Another Project Amidst Bullying Feud With Michael Costello

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Lip Sync Battle host Chrissy Teigen has been accused of cyberbullying a number of celebs in the past – allegedly young girls who were at the height of their fame in the earlier 2000s, such as Courtney Stodden, Teen Mom’s Farrah Abrahams, and even Lindsay Lohan. The fallout from the allegations forced Teigen on a public apology tour and even saw her dropping out of a Netflix show. Of late, it's escalated into a feud with Project Runway's Michael Costello, who Teigen accused of faking DMs to prove she bullied him and sought to blacklist him. Now, in the midst of all the back-and-forth, Teigen apparently dropped yet another big-name project.

Earlier this month, Chrissy Teigen dropped out of a voiceover role for the teen comedy show Never Have I Ever, with Netflix confirming the part would be recast. But a lot has happened since then for the well-known Twitter funnywoman and clapback queen. The bullying allegations from Michael Costello and their resulting feud over who is lying has Teigen seemingly “stepping away” from her joint business with Kris Jenner. The brand, Safely, includes plant-based home and personal cleaning products and launched back in March. Read the company's Instagram announcement on Teigen’s exit below:

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Dropping out of a minor TV role is peanuts compared to leaving a partnership with momager extraordinaire Kris Jenner, who already managed two of her daughters into billionaire status. One has to wonder consequences for Chrissy Teigen bode for her co-hosting gig on the beloved Lip Sync Battle. The celebrity competition series hasn't yet been renewed for Season 6, but Deadline reported that it is moving from Paramount+ to a different ViacomCBS network in the interim. Meanwhile, Teigen's line of cookware has also been seemingly pulled from several major outlets like Target and Macy's.

The actual feud between Chrissy Teigen and Michael Costello has only gotten worse in the past few days. Teigen's husband, John Legend, went to bat for her with Costello on Twitter. Legend repeatedly asked Costello to just admit that the bullying allegations were made up. After their exchange, the Lip Sync Battle co-host wrote a lengthy statement on Instagram, accusing Costello again of lying about being bullied and even suggested possible legal action. After this, Costello took to his Instagram, where he reiterated that Teigen was “the same bully she always has been.”

But Chrissy Teigen is seemingly following through on the reason for her exit from her business with Kris Jenner that she “needed time to focus on herself and be with her family.” Because today on Instagram, the wife and mother of two posted an ode to John Legend on Father’s Day, where she said:

There are no words. Only tears that I am fresh out of. To our everything, we love you forever.

The drama of the whole situation could easily out-rival any and all reality TV mess. We’ll keep you posted on any updates as they arrive.

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