Evil Answered Our Major Season 1 Question, But Don't Worry, Things Have Already Gotten Way Worse

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WARNING: Spoilers AHEAD for the Evil Season 2 premiere. Turn away unless you've already witnessed all of the demonic activity!

Well, fans, we finally made it. After well over a year, we now have the Evil Season 2 premiere to chew on, and while it did answer a major question, it also did what Evil does best and made things way worse for everyone involved in the sorta, maybe, kinda supernatural drama.

What was the major question we wanted answered in the Season 1 finale, you ask? Well, you can't be blamed for not being able to remember everything that happened before Season 2, I suppose, seeing as how that event went down way back in January 2020. So, let me catch you up. Serial killer Orson Leroux had been threatening Kristen's family, and when the police wouldn't do anything, she appeared to take matters into her own hands, and it looked a lot like she'd bludgeoned him to death with an ice axe. Evil Season 2 came back strong, not missing a beat, and picked up right where we left off.

Kristen Has Something To Hide

In the opening moments, Kristen got the call from her detective friend Mira that Leroux has been found dead, she goes into the bathroom and the cross on her rosary burns her hand, as though she's possessed. Then, she goes out to her car and pulls the bloody ice axe out of the trunk, where she's wrapped it in a towel and put it as deep in that trunk as possible, and begins to try to bury it. I don't know how you good people run your lives, but I never try to hide something that has zero negative connotations for me.

Unfortunately, one of her super nosy (and possibly evil) daughters wakes up just long enough to see Kristen digging in the backyard, which the concerned mother notices and makes her think better of her plan. She then goes inside to check on the girls, who spring to life and begin to question her. Once Kristen quiets them, she goes back down to (we hope) thoroughly clean the axe with bleach and hangs it back up on the coat rack as though it's not now a murder weapon.

Later in the episode, Kristen sees Dr. Boggs, and confesses the whole thing to him, so, yeah, she's for real a murderer and doesn't seem to be at all butt-hurt about it.

Leland Is Still A Terrible Trickster

The next day, Kristen meets with David and Ben in Bishop Marx's office. They're trying to tell him about the shady (probably demonic) fertility clinic, when he has them back-burner the plot to corrupt a generation of people who haven't even been born yet (sigh...) because someone has requested an exorcism on themselves. That "someone" is none other than Leland, our demon-therapist-loving agent of chaos.

And, as they all object to the idea that Leland actually wants such a procedure done, we get our first hint that Evil is now a streaming show, because Kristen calls him a "fucker" in a move that I think was dubbed after the producers found out about Paramount+, but it's still incredibly impactful and a joy to hear.

During one of the team's conversations with Leland, though, there are more problems with Kristen. As I mentioned, she's been acting real funky, and not at all like a good person who killed someone without immediate provocation. But, if one were watching closely as Ben, David, and Kristen sat with Leland for their second conversation while he details how he was marked by the devil months ago to count down the end of his contract, you can see Kristen do some very odd, slow blinking as she sits across from him.

I know that might not seem like a lot, and, certainly, we don't get any explanation for the slow blinks or her other weird mannerisms while she listens to Leland (probably) mix the truth with lies. But, what we do get during the intense trailer for the rest of the season, is an actual nod to Kristen's slow blinking, which tells me it wasn't just an interesting acting choice, but truly means something in what will be a bonkers season.

David Might Be Wishing He Didn't Try So Hard For Prophetic Visions Now

David spent a lot of Season 1, during his down time while trying to become a priest and figuring out whether or not a lot of folks were possessed, working very hard to have visions from God. He started using hallucinogenic mushrooms to get there, but in the finale had a terrifying, non-drug induced, vision of Kristen walking happily toward the demon therapist as he harvested his crops in a field. The early minutes of the premiere saw David going for a panicked run to try to understand what the vision meant.

When he gets home and sees his stab wound is bleeding, he puts something on it which causes so much pain he blacks out and has the vision again, but this time Leland pops up dancing to the disco hit "Funkytown," and it wakes David right up. Which it would for anyone.

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Ben's Going To Have A Rough Season

Another of Evil's non-believers is now fully under attack in Season 2. While Ben managed to get out of the first season only with some scary tech attempting to tear his family apart, and his new lady love declaring that her dead twin was grafted to her, now he's seeing some really awful shit. You might recall that Kristen was frequently visited by a night terror / demon, George, in her dreams last season. Well, now it looks like it's Ben's turn.

Also during that second conversation the team had with Leland, the mischief-maker inquired about how Ben was sleeping. When he told Leland that everything was fine, he told him he was going to have a dream that he'd never had before, and it happened that very night. While Ben was trying to catch some zzzz's in his super creepy apartment, he was visited by a George-like lady demon who...well, went on and on about how much she loves men's nipples before doing something horrible to dream Ben, which then woke him up.

Ben seemed to realize that this was a dream during it, but, Leland being able to either plant nightmares or know when they're coming...IT'S VERY BAD, INDEED.

Dammit, Lexis!

Last, but not least, we have Kristen's daughter Lexis, who was conceived with the help of that evil fertility clinic. After she gets home from her appointment with Dr. Boggs where she confessed to killing Leroux, Kristen is greeted with a trail of blood that leads to a giant bloody hand print outside an upstairs bathroom. Turns out it was Lexis, who's dripping blood from the mouth at an alarming rate because of her new teeth...which are fangs. That's right, I SAID FANGS.

To the little girl's credit, she's looked in the mirror and knows her new teeth are entirely too sharp and is very worried about her future, but Kristen does her mom thing and tells her it's going to be fine. She takes her to the dentist, who announces that she's going to need surgery and will have to be put under for it, as opposed to just needing a local anesthetic.

Thank goodness for Lexis, too, because when the poor doctor is starting to make headway with her teeth, one of the fangs...activates(?), and nearly takes the woman's finger clean off. But not so cleanly. It was a gory mess, you guys, is what I'm saying. And not an even cut at all. She is losing that finger; you betcha.

Basically, everything is roughly 1000% worse than it was when we were still wondering whether or not Kristen was a killer, and if that Season 2 promo (which was narrated by George) is a good indication, things will continue to get worse and far scarier before they get better.

You can catch the Evil Season 2 cast, Sundays, on Paramount+, but for more to watch check out our guide to 2021 Summer TV shows!

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